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    1996 Land Rover Discovery SE7 Manual

    The truck had rust around the alpine windows, around the rear door frames and along the lower sills. It was all repaired by a shop in SLC that specializes in older restorations called All Star. After the repairs it Waxoyled to prevent further rust.
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    1996 Land Rover Discovery SE7 Manual

    1996 Land Rover Discovery SE7 Manual Located in Salt Lake City, UT $4,000 OBO Time to let my trusty Rover go. I have had this truck for about two years now and it has taken me to the back of beyond with no troubles. It is 23 years old, and not perfect, but I have kept up with maintenance and...
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    GMRS Radio Midland USA MXT 400

    Amazon has this radio new for $199. You might want to rethink your price.
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    SOLD - Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Used Once

    I have an Engle 45. I plugged it into the truck while I was driving and the Yeti at night. I powered the fridge for 4 nights with capacity to spare. Somewhere around 40 hours total? I did not recharge the Yeti the whole time.
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    SOLD - Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Used Once

    Selling my Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium. I used this to power my fridge for one trip down through the San Rafael Swell and into Cathedral Valley in Capitol Reef NP last spring. I have since shifted to a built in power system and no longer need the Goal Zero. I would like to get $900 for it...
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    Campfire container for restricted areas

    Check out these flat pack grills. It would be easy to pull the grill off and use it for a fire pit
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    Anyone tried the Tepui Luxury roof top mattress?

    I just purchased one and it was money well spent. I am a side sleeper and the original mattres was too hard. The memory foam top on this one makes it perfect for me.
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    True Trac vs Open Diff

    I run Trutracs front and rear in a 1996 Disco1. When I first put them in I noticed the centering others have described here, but within a few weeks I learn to compensate and don’t notice. My wife occasionally drives the truck and never noticed it. I drive the truck in all kinds of conditions...
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    Goal Zero Vs. Dual Battery Vs. Solo Group 31

    I have looked at this a number of times and I always come to the same conclusion. One high capacity battery is all you need. If you are worried about running you battery down, get a portable Lithium jump box like the Noco Genius.
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    Does the rep of "unreliable" still hold true?

    One of the instructors at last years OEX put it well. He said Rovers and Toyotas are both very reliable. The Rover just needs more maintenance. I have a 1996 D1 that takes me to amazing places in the Utah desert. I never think twice about traveling out there alone and it has never stranded...
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    Looking for Disco 1 Baja Rack Awning Mount Options

    I have a Baja Rack on mu Disco 1 and I am looking to mount a Tepui awning. I placed an order with Baja Rack last night for their awning mounts, but they just sent me an email saying they are out of stock and they will not have them for at least 5 weeks. Are there any other options out there...
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    Wrist watches for the adventure-minded?

    I wear an inexpensive Marathon watch. I figure if it is good enough for our military, I probably can’t beat it up. Long battery life, super bright tritium night glow and a rotating bezel for dual time zones or timing or whatever. I have this one...
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    Best repair shop in Moab, UT

    I'm not sure where you are headed from Moab, but Mike at British 4x4 in Salt Lake City is fantastic. He is probably the closest Land Rover guy to you right now.
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    Potential Sprinter Purchase... What do I need to look for?

    Look for rust behind the body trim above the rocker panels. MB didn't do a very good job rust protecting the holes where the trim mounts.
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    Two-time LR owner seeks third round of torture. What should I get?

    I agree with most of what has been said here. I am on my second 96 D1 ( teenage son totaled the first one) and have been very happy. The problem you will find with the D1 is they are getting hard to find with low miles, no sun roofs, manual, etc. Also I am starting to have trouble finding...