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    Kimberly S3 Purchase

    Just a quick update. We continue to enjoy our Kimberley S3. Although we don’t use it every month, we take a month long trip to explore the western US. We are extremely pleased with our Kruiser and we have had NO big problems, plenty of minor problems. With as complex as this trailer is, I am...
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    WTB - Family Aussie Style Caravan

    My Kimberley S3 is treating me and my wife quite well. We have traveled all over the west and have marveled at how well the S3 works for the two of us. I wish it was better in snow but it has survived a couple of snowey trips. Just got back from a month in Idaho. Liked Idaho so much, we bought a...
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    I got your message. Have you seen a S3? It seems like you are looking for a much bigger rig than...

    I got your message. Have you seen a S3? It seems like you are looking for a much bigger rig than this one. It is perfect for me and my wife but certainly not a family of 5. I just bought a property in Idaho but currently in Napa Valley. If you are in the area and want to see it, let me know. If...
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    Kimberly S3 Purchase

    Thanks for watching my 6 Dutch. Busy life and I rarely hit the Expedition Portal. Work and fun get in the way. Did three weeks in the Outback of Southern Utah this spring. Hooked up with a Kimberley from Boise Idaho. Great trip.
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    EPA mandated gas can horror stories:

    Super Siphon rules. I have three and love it. Just have a rag handy for the hose.
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    The Mojave Road - A Newbie's Tale Pt 1 - Pic Heavy

    Nice write up. Like you I have driven through the area a dozen times. I bought the Mojave Road Guide and map, studying it for future travels. Thanks for sharing.
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    Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller

    Mine sold also.
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    Diesel Stove & Oven Options??

    I have a Webasto and I can't smell diesel at all when it is running. Everything vents externally and you would never know it was diesel. You can also burn biodiesel in them and it smells like French frys if anything. I love mine but there is a learning curve. I have the Webasto on the inside and...
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    Bodie Ghost Town & Mono Lake (Sierra Nevada Mtns of California)

    I use my iPad all the time for uploading pictures on this site. It's kinda funky but click the icon on the top far right that looks like a piece of film. Go to insert image, from computer, choose file, and it takes you to the photo library on the iPad. Below the image chosen hit upload image...
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    Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller

    I have one for sale. Same deal. $90 shipped to N. Ca. I live in Napa. I bought a unit that failed but I couldn't get a warranty repair on it quick enough so I bought another. No I have the replacement unit an I believe it is new. Send me a PM.
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    Silverado question

    I put Bilstine 5100 on my GMC and I can't believe the difference. Also added KO2 tires. Handles like a different truck.
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    For those that carry Guns and Overlanding

    It's like my American Express Card, Don't Leave Home Without It. Unfortunately I have found need on multiple occasions. I am licensed in most states and well trained. Pistol on hip, shotgun and rifle in trailer. I find that an armed society is a polite society and when bad guys see you are not...
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    North Rim to Grand Staircase Video

    Great video. My pulse rate elevated when shooting the canyon flyover. We explored the area last May and we are headed back. Thanks for taking time to create the video.
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    Super Moon

    Great picture. I went outside and stared at it for quite a while. For those who missed it, check out tonight. Almost as good.
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    200 miles of Dirt in Canyonlands

    Nice write up and pictures. You have me primed for my 2017 trip. 2-3 weeks through southern Utah. This site does a wonderful job in helping with targets to visit. The only problem, only2-3 weeks.