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    Trucko: no-frills 2000 Taco build thread

    I like what you've done with the bed. Looks comfy and usable!
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    The Old Wood Hauler: 1983 Toyota 4WD Build/Restoration

    Have you tried adjusting the clutch pedal linkage? Often, it feels like there's no more clutch left but after threading that adjustment pin in, it works great again. Clutches can last forever (or no time at all, depending on how they were driven).
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    Mazda B2600i 4x4 DD/fun project

    Well, that seems like kind of a rash solution to not knowing where to put the spare tire. :(
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    Need Opinions on New Rig

    Keep an eye out for a 4wd class-C motorhome. I know there's a forum member here using one, but can't remember the screen name. Or find your favorite motorhome and then sent it over to for a conversion!
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    1985 4RNR TRD'ed

    Although it's sad to see the '85 lose its "heart", I'm glad you're keeping it. It's much more interesting than a new one, no matter how it's done.
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    Show me your "Adult" rigs and how you keep them running.

    This thread may be my new favorite--read through the whole thing today, and now I'm feeling kind'a down that I'm at the end. Here's the '85 4runner that's been with me since I started college 18 years ago. We went through the engine internals around that time. Lately, it's just been...
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    Help with on board water setup in bed of silverado 1500

    I'm not a fan of built-in water systems. I find them hard to keep clean and unreliable. I removed the tank and lines in the truck camper recently and much prefer using portable containers and gravity. If I were taking showers remotely, the system I'm most interested in is the Nemo Helio solar...
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    A Scrambler's Homecoming

    Wow--that's great that you were friends with Ed Abbey. I'd like to reenact his Desert Solitaire experience someday...just post myself out in the red sand in a trailer for a while. Is that a Super Digger as a spare on the back?...or maybe a Desert Dueler? pattern.
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    A Scrambler's Homecoming

    Increadible '8 and story! I love the old photographs. Have you passed by Ed Abbey on the roads? How about those overloaded FJ-55s that Tag-a-long schlepped the tourists around in? It's hard to believe MT had been making the Baja Belted for that long. It seems like just yesterday that they...
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    1988 Toyota 4x4 + 1977 Chinook Build

    Really nice! It even has our state flag on it! I like the open interior in the camper (although it may not stay that way).
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    Looking for something different (vintage)?

    Since I discovered this place, it's been a pasttime just looking at the photos and videos and imagining going on adventures with some of these. Many of them are listed as "driver restorations" rather than "show restorations", and the prices seem quite within reach on many of them. It sounds...
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    Really incredible example! Wanting to do an engine swap may help ensure that the one that's in there never quits!
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    Need advice on a build

    You'll probably want to look at a Quigley conversion (they convert Transits and NVs) if not a Sprinter 4wd. The NV is available with the 5.6L (this engine appears to be used for the Quigley conversion examples) but the turbo-diesels in the Transit and Sprinter would also likely do what you...
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    Help me build my rig to drive around the world!

    I wouldn't limit yourself just to the Vitara. There are plenty of other possibilities. Some that are fairly inexpensive to get a hold of include the Montero Sport, Isuzu Rodeo/Honda Passport, Kia Sorrento, etc. If you're open to a CUV, there are also numerous possibilities there.
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    Skinny or wide tires; that is the question...

    I aways prefer skinny unless you need the width to stay on top of the terrain. In a Taco, you usually don't need the width. I think the 33x10.50s look cooler than the wider ones, myself. 10.50 is even too wide for me. I prefer 9.50 or 235.