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    Diesel powered cooktops/water heating

    just a bump up to current date... wondering if any new developments and/or experiences that folks might like to share.. very interesting thread to read.. and one question, when cooking w/ diesel appliances, are you heating the surrounding areas as well for any length of time? In a hot...
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    Woelcke Autark T5 Crosser Off-Road 4×4 Campervan Motor Home...

    Found this recently and thought of some interest.. Mike W ******
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    4.9L I4 4M50 TURBO DIESEL longevity?

    How long would the Fuso (in an 2007 FG140) motor w/ proper ( fleet) maintenance be expected to last? Over 300K? Also are they rebuildable? or what other engines can be swapped out? Mike W *****
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    pivoting frames and mounting campers

    any idea how long the cab to end of frame measurement is on that Iveco? I like it..looking at a 12' frame truck currently but need a flatbed that will need to take a 14' Alaskan non-cabover..I guess the frame doesn't have to extend the full 14' but the flatbed does.. Mike W ******
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    FORD F-700 4x4 Four Season Expedition Camper - $11500

    cab chassis appeals to me..Keep the camper..cummins also for me..
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    My current 6x6 project

    Dan, you should join .. You don't have to participate, just glean the articles and pic's ( have to join to see some pic's).. Lots of good resources..several using deuce's and 5 ton's for camper chassis bases.. Open minds...maybe, not so much..IMHO Mike W *****
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    Ulysses the Uhaul - Strategic Surf Assault Vehicle project build

    back door ideas.. here's a few ideas for your back door.. 1- change roll-up to swing open doors: whole amateur build up here (simple but it works)..: 2- another, very...
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    Hello All. My first post. Here is my simple custom GMC Cube Van conversion.

    anyone else doing this currently..maybe a new build..? thought I might bump it back up to the top to get anything recent.. Mike W *****
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    Ulysses the Uhaul - Strategic Surf Assault Vehicle project build

    might not work for your application, but I always liked the Land Rover Tropical roof concept.. provides that air space that might keep your roof cooler. Although, as mentioned, a big rack with a floor on top of the roof does the same thing and gives another platform/deck for whatever...
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    pivoting frames and mounting campers

    head over to Steel Soldiers ( ) you can get any info you need on M35's might have to join to see pic's but no cost.. Excellent info available.. Mike W *******
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    Deuce inspired flip-up camper

    stumbled onto this ancient the project still on-going..alot of time has passed but still appreciate the basic idea.. Mike W ******
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    Converting a standard cargo box to a camper

    old thread but wondered if any additional progress on these featured builds or others with the same ideas starting anew.. Mike W ******
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    Nice vid from Tunisian desert..

    nice pic's and travel..2 trucks.. Mike W *****