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    2006 GMC Sierra Z71 build

    Looking forward to seeing this build! I'm in the process of trying to find a 4dr 06 07 myself - going to keep my tacoma for a project vehicle. Just don't see many of these trucks built up - looks clean
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    2000 Tacoma Reg Cab

    Truck is looking good! In my head one thing I keep thinking of is weight. I'm not sure about the weight of a flippac or wildernest but the RTT I recently got isn't too bad. As far as high speed I've seen pics of defconbrix and blackdawg barreling down open trails with a low slung RTT mounted in...
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    re-gearing for 33"s on 1st gen

    If this isn't a troll post, take everything you read on the net with a grain of salt. Technically you can just bolt on the charger and roll, however to run right you'll need a 7th injector and a good tune and good gas. Might as well add meth to that or spray to get the air temps down at that...
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    Potential 1999 Tacoma Build

    I do agree with you however if Oregon is anything like when I was in Washington, once you leave the gravel roads if it rained at all recently it got real interesting real quick and made hunting and fishing rather adventurous haha. I like maxtrax, I have some, I've used them, but the price is a...
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    Potential 1999 Tacoma Build

    V_man hit it pretty much on the head with what I'd do. Only thing I would add is a winch and some sliders. Don't even have to get a big bumper, a hidden winch would do; probably what I'll be doing once I get my winch back from warn is going with a hidden type setup. I just don't see the need for...
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    Box Rocket '03 DC Tacoma Build

    I find it awesome, that even after you sold this truck and have moved on to the FZJ80 this thread is still going, and you're still answering questions about. Shows you've influenced a lot of people with this build. Look forward to following the 80 build and seeing where it takes you.
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    3rd Gen Toyota Pickup - Budget Expo Build

    I've recently got a ARE cap for my tacoma and trying to figure out ways to make a sleeping platform with a drawer system underneath. I must say I a big fan of the way you did yours. Have you had any draw backs with that roller style system? Also a great looking pickup by the way Hudsen
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    Another re-gearing question (regular cab Tacoma)

    Depends, I know it's not your daily, however if you plan on driving a lot on pavement to get to a destination I would consider 4,88 and if not 5,29. Also another thing to look at, isn't just how it would feel driving it around if you feel like it unloaded, but would said gears you put in give...
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    plasti dip

    Yes and no. If applied properly and you get a nice thick coat and you wont see a lot of trees or heavy offroad use, I think It'll be just fine. However It'll become a lot of maintenance if you're regularly battling tree branches. It'll start to peel in the areas that get hit heavily and takes a...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    From what I understand that is an even bigger overhaul than sticking in a 2jz or putting on a turbo. If I was going the V8 route, I would pick up a LS block and go from there.
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    Very slow and mild 04 Tundra DC build!!

    Doesn't take much to justify a "test" run haha. I see you're from opelika, that's not Tuskegee national forest is it?
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    Very slow and mild 04 Tundra DC build!!

    Looking good, keep us updated, love seeing Tundra builds
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    Capture Colorado 01 TRD Taco - GOAE build

    Wow I've been so busy with work and school I haven't been on this site in a while, I logged in just to see how far a long you've come with the build. Must say I'm impressed mainly because that's the route I do want to eventually go. I just wish I had the fabrication skills a lot of the members...
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    Knife Experts - Sharpening

    I'm not and expert don't claim to be, just a hobbyist. However I have a set of Japanese water stones that range 400 - 10k which is a slightly different rating than american grit rating. Anyways, I have found stones to be a better way to get an extremely sharp edge and mirror finish. I used to to...
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    Nice pics RNphoto!! Not your typical catch on a fly, but when I head to the lake I love catching a couple spots on a fly. Caught him a couple months ago