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    2006 LR3 - 103k miles, $11.5k, Southern California

    I'm interested. Can you PM the reports?
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    m416 to Land Rover Series Wheel Adapter?

    My how time flys. Haha Thanks for the update. Good luck with the build
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    m416 to Land Rover Series Wheel Adapter?

    Dragging up an old thread..... Telwyn.... did you ever get those adapters made? I'm in the market and I'd be curious what you found. Thanks
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    Living full time in a roof top tent...Input please

    Short answer is Yes I think it is possible. But I have zero experience with any other rtt than the one we own. This has been our experience.... We're a family of 4 spending 30-45 day stretches in our Autohome Overland (it is about 17 years old now). We go out for about 2 months (some of it in...
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    2 years in our 1962 Land Rover

    Very cool. I'll be following along.
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    SOLD: Kodiak Canvas Tent

    Hey Flag.... I'm in. Do you take paypal? I'm down in Prescott but I'll be headed north next week. Do you mind holding on to it until I can make it north? Drop me a PM. Let me know if that works for you. Thanks again.
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    steel cable woes

    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I did not do what you and the manufactures recommend. However I have been doing all snatch pulls. 25' short pulls. A few 50' straight pulls but mainly I use a snatch as often as possible. I'm going to unwind it like CampStewart recommends and then I'll...
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    steel cable woes

    That sounds like a good idea. If the cables are not frayed and it is just truly distorted, how much strength do you think I'd retain? I'm also assuming frayed strands is grounds for taking it out of service. I like the idea of making it a winch extension cable. I'm going to look into that...
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    steel cable woes

    Ain't that the truth. I'm leaning towards replacement right now. Thanks for the input.
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    steel cable woes

    Thanks for the info. So I crushed it on one of my pulls? And just never noticed it before.
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    steel cable woes

    Check out this photo of my Superwinch 9.5 cable. I've had this winch for about 6 years and have used it many times but only maybe 50'. So I had no reason to unwind it further. We'll yesterday I decide to unwind it a bit further and look what I find. You can see to the right of the damaged area...
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    Lost For Days - SoCal to Argentina (18-ish month overland adventure)

    Very cool. Excellent rig. Enjoy the adventure. Safe travels!
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    Anyone use their RTT with very young kids? Expecting a baby this month.

    Congrats on the babe. We spend a considerable amount of time in our Autohome overland rtt with two small kids. A two year old (the rtt is all she knows) and just added a 2 month old. The 2 month old sleeps in a small dog bed. Like Cletus26 mentioned, we use a very similar product for the...
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    Getting Back To Land Rover (aka Quixotic TD5 Swap)

    It's hard to say really.... I think seat of the pants it has moved the torque curve down 4-500 rpm and has also widened it a bit. I'm still running close to factory settings on the IP so there is definitely room to grow. It was an expensive upgrade but the "around town" driveability definitely...
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    Getting Back To Land Rover (aka Quixotic TD5 Swap)

    For whatever it is worth... I'm running a 300tdi in a D1 that I built many years ago. You're welcome to swing by and take a look. I'm over in the Thornton area. I hear what you are saying and I went through the same thought process. Finally pulled the trigger and it's been a blast ever since...