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    Modified 1998 Land Rover Discovery LE - Los Angeles

    Gorgeous. Dig the Elevation Church sticker as well.
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    SOLD: New in Packaging RCI Skid Plate Powdercoated Steel $250 (Los Angeles)

    Hey, friends! I never got around to installing this 3/16” black powder coated steel transfer case skid plate from RCI. Fitment for 5th Gen 4Runner...bolt on. Currently, it’s $334 to ship to Los Angeles from RCI...and that’s after a current 3-6 week lead time. So, save yourself some time and...
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    SOLD: 5 NEW DEALER TAKEOFF JL Rubicon 17" Wheels (Los Angeles) | $600

    Hey, ExPo friends! Title says it all. These were dealer takeoffs and were never driven off the lot. These retail for $299 each. Asking $700. Pristine Condition and ready to go.
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    SOLD: 1 NEW DEALER TAKEOFF Falken Wildpeak MT 33" (285/70R17) Spare Tire $150 (Los Angeles)

    Hey, friends! Title says it all. These have ZERO miles on them as they were dealer takeoffs. $200 (New are $240 before tax)
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    Easy-slide drop-down fridge slide

    From one Land Rover to another!
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    SOLD: Eezi-Awn XCLUSIVE 1600 (Includes Annex) Los Angeles

    Hey, ExPo friends... Going a different direction with my setup as I jump into an LR4 and don't want an RTT over my 3 moonroofs. These tents need no introduction on this site, but if you want all the specs, here's what Paul at Equipt posted on their site: XKLUSIV Features Elevated Roof Line...
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    SOLD: 2017 Super White TRD ORP w/ KDSS and over $5k in Upgrades ($39k) Los Angeles, CA

    Another pic for the bump. Have two serious buyers taking a look at it this week but always keeping it out there until sale is final.
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    SOLD: 2017 Super White TRD ORP w/ KDSS and over $5k in Upgrades ($39k) Los Angeles, CA

    Hey friends! Up for sale is my beloved SRF4RNR that some of you have asked me about over the years through my Instagram feed @ surf.runner. As far as I'm aware of, this is currently the only Super White TRD Off-Road Premium w/ KDSS for sale in California (I've located another in Utah and Texas...