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  • Hi Dave,
    I never did a build thread but there are a bunch of pics here, if you want to take a peek. Drop me a note if you have questions.
    Being one of those people stalking around the internet and researching the FlipPac I was wondering if you'd maybe post a thread showing how you have yours set-up.

    Hey! I just checked out your truck and flip-pac- looks really good. I have the same truck, longbed, 4x4 tundra '07. Could you send me or post some side view pics of your truck with the flippac opened and closed? I'm trying to decide if this is the shell I want to put on my rig... if you don't mind, what did that cost you? Also- I see you've gone with BFGs on your truck- I'm getting ready to change my shocks over to the Bilstein Adjustables to level mine out and I want to go with BFGs too- what size are yours?

    Thanks a bunch!

    John Ashley
    Imperial Beach, Ca
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