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    NuVinci Constantly Variable Hub.

    I got to ride NuVinci 3 wheeled recumbent yesterday. It was amazing. It worked so well and easy that I could not take my hand off the control lever. As you twist the grip it puts the peddle effort or gearing wherever you want it. It really blew me away how easy it “shifted” and how fun and...
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    Another Van Build... E350 V10 4x4 conversion

    I use a blue 20L water jug as a grey tank. It’s good for stealth dumping. I use a flexible drain hose from the sink right into the tank. The sink gets used a lot. Mostly for washing hands since I use leaded race gas but I do use it a lot. The sink is plumbed to a 20 gallon tank. A laundry sink...
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    Another Van Build... E350 V10 4x4 conversion

    I put my 02 E350 together about 12 years ago with mods all along the way. It’s neat seeing you go thru the stuff I did but at least you have all the experience of others. Like you, I started as a dirt biker and even had a Montesa 315R trials bike so that pic made me smile. You have a great start...
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    2008-2018 Overland Journals to trade

    They are in great shape but there may be a few missing. Trade for nice knife or whatever.
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    I broke my partner steel stove.

    The whole burner grill assemble lifts right out but does not come apart. I uses a welding torch tip cleaning tool (small wire) and cleaned out all the burner holes. It burns evenly thru all the holes now but has a yellow flame. The pics make it look more dramatic but its either getting too...
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    I broke my partner steel stove.

    I set a disposable plastic bowl of Yummy Chicken noodle soup on a burner that was not cooled down enough. Big melted mess. I poped it apart and it cleaned right up but this trip it’s not burning. The burner looks clean ?? Can I field fix it or wait to soak it at home?
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    Grumman Sport Boat

    The plate in the middle is so I can turn the boat upside down on the trailer and it will not fall thru and jam between the bunks. I fooled with bunk mods and wood blocks for an hour but having that flat suport in the middle worked the best. From experiance I learned that if your trailer is...
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    Design help request: Dog enclosure UNDER truck for camping

    Construction safty fence. They make snow fencing the same way. You may need to staple the bottom to locally sourced logs or bring 2x4’s. Wrap it around your whole truck...
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    12v electric blanket any good?

    Has anybody ever used a 12v electric blanket? How hard was it on the battery? I’m headed out next week and its suposed to be in the 30’s. Thought it might be nice to run for an hour before bed. Can anybody think of a brick and morter that sells them?
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    Grumman Sport Boat

    I got started narrowing the trailer. The factory bends and forms the frame rails so I un bolted them and sucked them in with ratchet straps. Good greif the spring and stored energy would flat out kill you if it got away from you but I got it. You can see the u-bolts where it used to be and now...
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    Rokon motorcyles

    There are offset flywheel keys available that will advance your timing. Burris used to have them but Im not sure if the 6.5 and 7 hp differences. The carb trick is to get one that fits your studs then working out an air filter cup and filter. You can hog out carb mounting holes to fit if you can...
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    Rokon motorcyles

    No. People started using the Harbor Freight Preditor motors. They are super cheap and mods for them are out there. A bigger carb on yours give it a nice boost.
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    Partner Steel Stove tweeks

    I was wondering what people do to enhance the use or performance of their stoves. I can heat a cup of water faster on a tiny backpack stove because the burner is so wide that the flame is wasted around the cup. I’m thinking of using a 5”x5” aluminum plate with a 2” hole in the middle to heat...
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    Grumman Sport Boat

    Keen eye on the oar locks. Never thought to invert them. Was thinking aluminum angle bent in a V with half inch bolt. Like a skid plate for them. They are known to hang on plants and rocks.