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    Pop up screen tent

    Looking for reviews on pop up screen tents. Trying to keep the mosquitos, midges, and biting flys away. E-Z up screen cube 5 and the Clam Quick set seem like two possibilities. Trying to keep the family comfortable. Anyone own one or the other. Thanks.
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    S10 Build getting started

    Looks good.
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    Bed Rack Vs Topper

    Retractable topper and racks would have been my preference for my truck. Easy access to everything in the bed would have been nice. Cost was prohibitive. Used retractable bed covers don't exist for my truck and I was looking at $500 for a used rack. $300 for a used camper top and $200 later...
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    Affordable portable shower, seen this one?

    I own one and love it. Same as others, put it in the sun and it will heat the water up nicely. I use at the beach and camping all the time. A quick shower or wash off fishing gear etc. It doesn't store much water so it is more for a 1-2 day trip at most.
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    Ford Transit 4x4 anyone?
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    Colorado ZR2 and Tacoma TRD Pro compared

    Mid sized trucks are not built for working and pulling. If you want a work truck get a 3/4 ton. You can get one for the same price as the Colorado and never complain about not being able to haul enough again. Bad argument.
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    Colorado ZR2 and Tacoma TRD Pro compared

    Just buy the Z71 and you can tow 7,000 if you want. Small lift and tires and you are good to go. ZR2 is not a work truck.
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    RTIC Coolers

    They lost their lawsuit with Yeti. Not sure I would be buying any products from them anytime soon.
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    2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    It has both full time 4x4 as well as "AWD" In full time 4x4 there is no disengaging of the front wheels.
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    Ford or Ram?

    Look on Ebay. There is a dealer in Kernsville (sp?) NC that has great deals on trucks. Saw a new Ram 2500 4x4 crew cab gasser for $32,000 about a month back.
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    FOUND Vans For Sale! Very nice if you have the money.
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    When Mitsubishi abandoned you, you purchased......................

    That 150,00 was world wide not the US market and 20 years ago. They may have been doing better then but people weren't scrambling to get one.
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    When Mitsubishi abandoned you, you purchased......................

    US consumers don't want Mitsubishi vehicles. Sorry that you guys are in the vast minority. For comparison 2015. GM has sold 2,792,000 units. The most out of any manufacturer. KIA sold 571,577 Mitsubishi has sold 87,455 total units. Ford F150 alone sold 65,192 trucks...