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  • Hey stomperxj, checking out your build and saw you say Kuna, I'm from Sandpoint and I'm trying to get a build started on a teardrop. Nice to see a fellow Idahoan on here.
    So what's the word on Sawtooth 2.0? I'd be interested to see what you have. I'm looking to build one that keeps the back open as a cargo trailer and has the kitchen slide out on the side. Any input?
    Would you be able to send me any info on camper shown as your icon?
    What I am hoping to do is to look at your sketches and modify to fit my folding trailer ( 4 by 8 ) and possibly modify so that it would raise and lower similiar to Thule 422XT Xsporter™ Rack System My goal would be to tow behind 97 XJ jeep, in lowered position, with a canoe and kayak above, get to camp site, remove canoe and kayak, raise roof for camper and then camp and fish. Sound feasible?
    Thank you.
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