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    Two-time LR owner seeks third round of torture. What should I get?

    Thanks Ray! Don - have our paths crossed at some point? I was one of the founding board members of the NCLR. Left the club a few years back.
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    Land Rover Experience Tour Peru

    Awesome! I look forward to the trip report and pics!
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    Two-time LR owner seeks third round of torture. What should I get?

    Do they make a coil conversion kit for the LR3? If so, who makes it? Price? Thanks! I remember when - I think it was Nathan Woods who had it - there was ONE LR3 in the US with coils. IIRC, he called it The Storm Trooper.
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    Two-time LR owner seeks third round of torture. What should I get?

    This. My 96 DI was amazing off road. Be prepared to upgrade the driveshafts if you go with a 3" or more lift. Carry the right spare parts: fuel pump, belt tensioner, etc., and you'll never be left stranded. Having said that, you'll find the 4.0 a tad disappointing in the power department but...
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    1997 Land rover Discovery SE7 W/ Off Road modifications

    Great price for a great truck. GLWS! Should go fast.
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    Breaking the Law in California

    You'll be fine. I live in Cali, use non-CARB compliant cans since they leak less, had them exposed on my Rangie, never ever had an issue. Even the one time I got pulled over for something else.
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    Baby Glock

    Can you msg me where you ordered and the cost? I'll order some 9mm and have it sent to my parent's house about an hour South of me.
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    Baby Glock

    Oh just great... I go to order ammo in bulk online for the range and this: My city is on the list where there is no shipping.
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    What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?

    Either a French press or if there are a lot of people, an old percolater pot I picked up at a thrift store for $1. As for coffee, if I have it in the budget, I like to support a vet owned brand - Invader Coffee - otherwise I just use the Costco brand.
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    4x4 28' class C motorhome California $13k

    Salvage title... I wonder what the issue was...
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    still the most importan meal...

    I tried veggie chorizo once and I honestly could not tell the difference. I might just have to switch over so I can eat if more often!
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    Baby Glock

    Grrrr.... effing DOJ is having issues. They didn't "clear" me until 6 hours after my 10-day waiting period was up. There was a glitch on their end and it took the their techs a long time to get it to show on the computer. Our government at it's finest... By that time I had to leave to go to...
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    2000 Land Rover Discovery 2, with lift and some extras $4400

    Yeah, the low mileage on this is insane! I had 3 car seats in my D1 at one point. It was tight but they all fit!
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    still the most importan meal...

    Man, I LOVE chorizo but I hardly ever eat it. Breakfast for me is 2 whole eggs, 10 egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal. Gotta feed the machine right to keep it performing right, especially as you get older! But, yeah, I occasionally have chorizo con papas and by occasionally, I mean once a year...