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    Sold: 2009 Land Cruiser 200 Series w/ Mods_North Carolina

    very clean..wish they would have offered the diesel here in the states
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    2012 Ram 3500 Seat Covers

    Hello everyone...curious what folks are using. Thanks.
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    Anybody running the ARB Full Deluxe Module Bumper On Ram 2500/3500

    Looking for pics and any insight. Might be getting one. thanks
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    **SOLD** 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

    You will regret getting rid of that Rob..
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    Jeep just released a JL with a payload increase of 500lbs

    I am intrigued by the cooling discussion. There is an immense amount of cooling needed for all electric vehicles. Given the high demands an off-road vehicle needs, cooling will need to be very robust.
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    Jeep cant get there 2.0L hybrid thingy reliable. What gives us the confidence that they can master an electric vehicle. And you can deceive yourself all you want. There is nothing simple about a battery powered vehicle.
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    The 4xe will be heavier than a diesel powered Gladiator cutting into payload even more. Range will not be consistent. We are seeing these issues on Class 6-8 trucks. Actually the Class 8 trucks will be allowed to gross out at 83,000 pounds while a diesel powered Class 8 truck will be...
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    FS Offroad Trailer with MaxCoupler Upstate SC

    I am open to interesting trades
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    FS Offroad Trailer with MaxCoupler Upstate SC

    I bought this trailer from a member on this site back in 2015. It was hand built to be towed behind a Hummer. Very well built, I am guessing around 800 pounds. Can be moved empty very easily. - 17” inch Jeep steel wheels. This is the spare wheel for a 2008 Jeep GC. It has the same lug...