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  • Hey, i got a P132 and P2A00 code come up. I was wondering if that was the 02 sensor? Has this ever happened to you? What is the right way to fix it? Please help.
    hey it was the cam shaft sensor, got it replaced. I was wondering... has anyone done a roof light bar on these forums?
    Need your help. I was driving my jeep and stop at a red light and it shut off. I would trying to turn it over again and it would just make the noise but never turn over. Got a town after 2 hours and when the dropped it off the jeep turned over. This has never happened to me before and I was freaking out. The fuel was full and nothing seemed to be the problem. The check engine light came on and when they diagnosed it, came up cam shaft (which they changed the cam sensor). Has this ever happened to you? do you know what it is?
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