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    Opinions on rotted body, decent frame 1st 4runner

    Are you buying my Dad's 4runner? [emoji14] He's selling one out in New Mexico in similar condition, probably sold already actually. The 4runner is a great car, even as a beater. Those old 22r engines are as durable as it gets, but makes the car a slowrunner. If you want to haggle, go look at...
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    After I sold my 80s Dodge truck years ago, I said I'd never own a truck again. I failed... Here's our new rig; a 2010 F-250 Lariat with the FX4 package and the 6.4L turbo diesel. It's only been off-road once since we bought it, and it's nothing like the Rover is, or even the 4Runner was, but...
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    Long road to nowhere.

    Getting ready to leave yesterday morning, all I had handy was my camera phone. I should have gone back for the Canon...
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    4x4 bus campers

    He's the guy who built wothahellizat(s)? I had no idea he had done more than one. This one's awesome!
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    Jalopnik: C'est Pourquoi J'aime Citroëns, Roof-top tent on a Citroen

    The best part of Jalopnik is the comments...
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    Guidance Please -Adventure Bike

    Are the limits off-road keeping you from looking at a Strom, or is it the styling? I'm really loving mine, a bit of a sport-touring tractor.
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    Hino 4x4

    Reminds me of a chubby Corvair.
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    Hino 4x4

    Hino has only been with Toyota since '67, though they've been making automobiles since 1917. Toyota killed off their passenger car line to focus them on commercial/industrial vehicles.
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    Hino 4x4

    Nope, Toyota subsidiary now.
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    72 Suzuki LJ20 4x4

    I had no idea these were around that far back.
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    Toyota here we cometh...

    I absolutely love my 04 4R. It's 2WD, but I tossed on a beefy set of Yokohama Geolanders (nice ride now). They do just fine in central Texas, no real need for 4WD here (unless you go wheeling), we have the Rover for the really rough stuff. It has all the amenities we'd need and want in a second...
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    Lens Damage.

    My SO brought her D700 up to Mendenhall Glacier on our Alaska trip this summer. She had her Tilt-Shift lens on as well. It has a small ring around the end, barely enough protection. She dropped the whole thing right on the ice while we were climbing, hard. She picked it up and test fired a few...
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    eBay find - DEFENDER 110 300 TDI Doormobile

    Doesn't mean I wouldn't still love to have it!
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    Jeep Launches Wrangler-Inspired Off-Road Camper Trailers

    It's one for the Jeep fanboys who will buy anything with the Jeep logo on it. I do think it's cool, but I'd still just want to build my own trailer and strap a RTT on the top. Even the Tentrax would be a better value.