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    The other side of South Africa

    I don't know. I do know of a guy who went there a year ago so it's not that new. Yes Harald I know of similar stalls selling produce in Holland as well but here in South Africa usually stuff is stolen or vandalised in the blink of an eye hence the utter amazement. We're usually a nation of...
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    The other side of South Africa

    How's this for a case of positive actions. The location is a very remote area of the Great Karoo. Basically in the middle of the desert. Pic 1: A map of the location. A remote dirt road. Pic 2: A shelter made of some sort of plant. The place is named Asbosskerm which translates to Ash Bush...
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    Mt biker attacked by anthelope

    Already posted here:
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    Mind the buck with the chip on his shoulder (cycling in africa)

    Check this out
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    Need Scenic Shots from Africa

    You might make some headway at this site
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    Best road signs

    You don't need to be able to read to be a cop in africa
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    Best road signs

    Not a road sign but a really weird number plate spotted in South Africa
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    Worst stuck recovery gear inspiration stories?!?!?

    I think I might have posted my recovery wake-up call on this forum a while back already. My motto has always been to carry a little as possible in the way of kit. I'm a lazy offroader. I also don't like the look of equipment bolted to the roof rack because so many posers go that route- jerry...
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    Headlamps anyone?

    I initially bought one of these several years ago as a stop-gap till I got spare funds to buy a better one. Then later I got around to hunting hi and low for the best head lamp I could find. Best meaning a good beam of light combined with reasonable battery life. After testing everything I could...
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    Self Portraits?

    On an LZ last weekend. Cellphone pic
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    SAR food rations

    I was chatting to a guy recently who only carries packets of whey protein powder. Mix with water, down the hatch, and done. Might be good idea. The gummi bear idea is a good one. I must do that.
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    Heli video clip from Cape Town

    Here's another clip. We recently had a rescue pilot from Switzerland come out for a week of training and seminars to teach us new techniques. This clip covers a bit of what went down. All footage is on and around Table Mountain.
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    An Axe - Seriously?

    I carry an axe but never use it. On a SAR training thing a few years ago we came upon a tree across the trail but chopping it looked like too much work so we just made a plan to get over it. Then we cam across another and another. There were prolly 4 or 5 before we decided to turn around and try...
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    Mitsubishi L200/TRITON

    They are also popular in South Africa. I have the older model than what you have there but several of my buddies have the one that you've got. Great vehicles