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    Baja Maps and Guide Books FS

    Gaia and even google maps are good, but no where near the detail of the original Baja Almanac. I have one from 10 years ago. I haven't compared the Baja maps to the Earthmate app for my Garmin InReach.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    This is the simple 1lb propane to Lindal EN417 adapter. It works, but I have found that it isn't as smooth of a flame and made my Baja burner temperamental in colder temps. I'm buying a bunch of butane for next weeks trip...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Thanks, I saw your modifications earlier. The Baja burner fits nicely in the small bag. I was hoping the burner would too, but may sit too high without disassembly. Downside to taking it apart, is the time to reassemble and also rattling while driving. I really like cooking on cast iron, it...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Reviews on the grill burner? Lennart, those ahi steaks looked good. We have 'burn bans' here in California which limits our ability to use charcoal for BBQ in the field. My concern with the grill burner is wind and if its get hot enough to put a good sear on steaks? Is the burner strong enough...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    I think it would need a diffuser of sorts over the flames. Also not sure it would get hot enough but anything is possible. I use the oven over the double bbq box with briquettes. At home I can get extra heat by using a blower. On the trail, I would fan them to get them glowing red before putting...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    I have an IGT4 setup with Baja burner, double bbq box, field oven, single bamboo insert and knife with case that doubles as insert. I also have the large table extension but the ground wasn't level enough to add on. SP carry bags help with transport but the double bag isn't big enough for the...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Some more pics
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Finally took the oven out on the trail for some pizza. Works great over the double bbq! First night used some premade Trader Joe's crusts and second night used fresh dough from Safeway. They were out at TJs. The fresh dough tastes so much better. In the morning, it was pancakes on a lodge single...
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    New DC to DC Charger From Renogy-20 amps or 40 amps-Flooded/AGM/GEL/Lithium

    Based on readings from Redarc, 20A might not be enough for 100ah battery. I would go with 40A. I will be buying DC to DC charger wih Redarc or Ctek being competitors but more expensive. What I like about Redarc is integrated solar MPPT so everything plugs into one unit. I will be running 2...
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium - in-car charging

    GZ just came out with a new charge controller allowing much higher amp charging directly from the alternator not using the pesky cigarette adapter. It is much more expensive though. Im looking to upgrade my AGM yetis to a lithium.
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    Looks awesome. I might need one now. Thanks Joe for the IGT4 windscreen! Can't wait to use it!
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    Pie iron

    I bought some last year and used them once, but need to cook more with them. Problem with west coast is burn ban most of the summer. But sounds like they can be used over regular burners as well.
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    Arb fridge... what am I doing wrong?

    Yes, proper wiring is key for the fridge to work correctly. Factory wiring to a cig plug is not sufficient for the initial draw and may cause the fridge to cycle on and off or throw an error code. I keep mine at 31 to 33 degrees F. at 29, it freezes milk/OJ next to the coils on the side of the...
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    Snow Peak Addiction

    BackcountryGear also has no tax for Ca and a bunch on sale. Just ordered up a double BBQ box (first I've seen it on sale in 6 months), half grill, some cooking utensils and a medium tote. I tested the double grill canvas case with the field oven and it doesnt fit, so will use that for the bbq...