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    Trash/waste... what to do...

    Pack your unrefrigerated food in 20mil ammo cans lined with trash bags, eat the food, use the can as a... uh... trash can
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    What do you think of those better built boxes? I was going to pick up a set to place infront of the wheel wells. Did you just bolt them to the bed? What is the distance between the boxes now with them in there?
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    Open bed sleeping platform concept

    Wow, I'm sorry, I forgot about this thread. Long story short, I didn't like the platform. I do, however, like the Softopper. I appreciate the fact that I can fold it down very fast, or just remove it by myself. It keeps the snow out and off of my stuff. Looks good, etc. A bit hard to clean, though.
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    Best tire and rim size

    Bwah hahaha!
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Here's my thing
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    Open bed sleeping platform concept

    Softopper odered earlier today, actually. Very excited!
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    Open bed sleeping platform concept

    So I've had this idea for a bit. I routinely carry tall items and dirt bikes in the bed, but like the added storage of a sleeping platform while traveling. I was thinking I could make a platform that I can raise up when the bikes are in the garage, and lower to the bed-floor when I'm taking them...
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    Cold weather bag on sale at Cabelas

    Thanks for this post. My bag completely sucks during this time of year. Found these while searching around the site. Seems like a better deal...
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    Softshell suggestions?

    Hah. What a great photo. A guy standing on a rock with a bunch of quickdraws clipped to a backpack. That's pretty extreme stuff.
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    High elevation lighters

    I work on that mountain. 11,500 feet at the patrol shack. We just use a Bic to light the stove. Otherwise, as others have mentioned, the Benzomatic is on standby.
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    mods you wouldnt do again ...

    Wow this was two years ago, but thanks! I was going to get one.
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    Yeti coolers

    We use Yeti's and Galaxy (Formerly icee-kool) on the river. With proper packing and usage (opening twice per day) They can both hold ice up to 16 days.