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    Wide hiking boots

    I’m a 13 4E. Red Wing/Irish Setter is one solution I’ve found. New Balance is another.
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    Foldable/Inflatable Boats?

    I believe you are thinking of Long Haul Kayaks, out of Cedar Edge, Colorado. ( Of all the folding kayaks we looked at, while not inexpensive, they built the highest quality boats. They’re basically a Klepper on steroids. LHK also does repair...
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    New to me.

    The .270 is an excellent round. Pick up some of Jack O’Connor’s books on the subject.
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    Leveling a camper for a propane fridge

    As part of the compass, iPhones come with a level app. Swipe right to left.
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    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    Thank you for the report on the camper. Is anyone having significant dust issues due to the tailgate?
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    22 BS thread

    Update: I have not fired this rifle yet, but unfortunately have had two parts (the charging handle and the knob for the rod that secures the receiver to the stock) fall off the rifle. My local Cabelas says they will not accept it back as a return, but they will send it for a repair. The...
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    Best Safari style shirt for Expedition and Casual wear

    Akubra hats or a big straw hat are your best bets.
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    Pop-ups with inside showers?

    Most people with them don’t use them is my observation.
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    Alaskan Dinette Bed Frustration

    You might post your question on Wander the West, there is a vintage Alaskan community there, or send the factory a message and ask the experts.
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    Salt in the ice?

    Make sure the cooler won’t freeze and crack with dry ice.
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    22 BS thread

    I’m not sure why, but I recently bought a Henry AR 7 to drag around on my travels. It must have been the non-shiny object fascination. Cabelas had them on sale for $249.
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    What do you guys with very heavy campers use for jacks?

    In some parts of the world, they are referred to as Crappi Jacs. I suspect that is because of the motors. I had one motor that locked up after periods of no use. The factory recommended fix was to use the manual crank to break it loose.
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    Looking for help finding the right camper

    WC, the only two hard-side campers that I would consider are the Northern Lite and Big Foot molded fiberglass units. Relatively low maintenance required to keep them healthy. Minimal seams to leak. No slides to fail. If you would consider a pop up hard-side, then the Alaskan deserves a look...