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    Worth Fixing?

    Wow that thing is beautiful. Absolutely worth saving. Where is it located? I know of a totally destroyed parts truck with a good engine in SoCal
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    I finally found one!

    Very nice! Def keep us updated. What year? How many miles?
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    Pajero Mk2 SWB MIVEC Build

    Yes super interested!
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    Sneak peek
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    I’m back!

    Cool! You live is San Diego and pick it up up north? Or other way around? I’m in Fallbrook (north SD county) with Barbie Car
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    Confirmed! steering boxes from a parts truck and from mine side by side, mine has MUCH more resistance when turning the shaft at the center of the range ( going straight). the parts truck box Input shaft is easily turned with finger and thumb throughout it’s range. I hope to have it all back...
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    Yes. This is where I messed up. Overtightened. It won’t back out. My mechanic got it to back out a little but it’s still does not return to center. Swapping in a used box tomorrow. We’ll see. New: ball joints, wheel bearings, idler arm. All tie rods are tight according to the alignment shop.
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    2000 Montero Endeavor - Build Thread

    Passing smog is always brutal here! Did you use oem or aftermarket cats? For a little while I thought I might need new cats for my 95, and the oem was like $6-700 each! If there is an aftermarket available I’d be happy to know about it
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    Dual Battery Location

    Really cool, thanks for the write up!
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    1996 sr butterfly valve failure

    Sounds good. I’ll keep y’all updated
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    1996 sr butterfly valve failure

    A friend has an sr that had the butterfly valve let go and drop into the motor. he says motor is toast. I remember reading somewhere on the internet that sometimes it will only kill the valves, and leave the the bottom end ok. Anyone have any input? Is it possible that I can get the heads...
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    Fixed the broken sway bar end in the rear. Been driving around like this for a few weeks and wow, new sway bar ends + bushings Are really noticeable on the road. So noticeable that I just ordered parts to do the front.
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    I haven’t seen any other rigs with these wheels besides the sports that are all over. I like that they’re 16in but I think the offset is messing with my steering. My steering box is worn and has too much play, and I think the different offset wheels makes them less likely to return to center...
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    About 700 mile road trip this weekend. Spent a few days exploring cactus flats, then went on to mammoth for Sunday night. Drove home Monday. 17 mpg on the way up and 18 on the way home. 11 mpg when off roading, but that’s dependent on so many more variables than the vehicle itself. Involuntarily...
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    That grab bar is one of the reasons I was drawn to the Montero, such a cool dash!