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    Wrangler JL / JT Steering Issues

    Many threads and posts about the aluminum SB in the new JL's and FCA now installing cast iron unit's.
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    2001 Tiger Provan CX 4x4 - 43K Miles

    Tiger Owners Forum is free to join and members would be glad to help you. There is a free classified section on the forum
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    Southern California dispersed camping suggestions

    Wyoming/ Montana border area around Cook city is open for tent camping. Grizzlies up there love fresh meat in zip lock bags.
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    Disconnecting parallel AGM’s

    Ground cable first is my choice.
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    Crew Cab Diesel Tiger 4x4 in Colorado

    FYI, Check the wiring for under sized cables with high amp loads. Also for lack of high amp cables having fuses. My rig melted all the high amp cables due to these two issues. I've heard of a couple Tigers burning to the ground and I think I experienced why. I was very lucky no fire but I had...
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    Hemi Wrangler or Gladiator or both?

    If /when FCA offers a Hemi JLUR, it and an Oliver trailer... will replace my current set up.
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    Price for a 1994 Chevrolet Tiger CX Provan RV

    '94 would be one of the first truck Tigers. Is it a popup or hard top, 2wd 4wd? Got pictures? Look carefully for signs of leaks as early Tigers are prone to wall and floor water damage.
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    $439 thou. Really 😲
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    Tiger 4x Siberian Tiger

    Looked but could not find.
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    Interesting Portable Chain Saw

    I carry a 20v DeWalt sawzall with a saber blade and various manual saws.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Salt Tram Rd. with Saline Valley 6,000 below in D.V.N.P. 36°36’28.4"N 117°51'12.2"W Saline valley owens valley tenders cabin Salt tram info
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    Pass-through really necessary?

    I boondock 95% of the time and have for a dozen years or more. Many times I've found myself feeling the desire to move without exposusing myself. A crawl/pass threw is 100% justified IMO.