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    1998 Montero Street Build

    This is the most Toasty thread ever. I love it.

    Gen 3 floor mats - No weathertech or husky?

    I can confirm the Westin mats are indeed pre-molded for our vehicles and not cut-to-fit. The tray is about 2" deep which will be good for snow and mud. Coverage is very good. It could go up higher on some sides but I'm not complaining. One thing that I really like is that these are made out of...

    Is a 200k Gen 2 worth buying?

    PS - lots of Gen2.5s for sale on the Mitsubishi USA Garage Sale group right now.

    Is a 200k Gen 2 worth buying?

    I agree with the sentiment here that if you're not wanting to work on it yourself, buy a mechanically sorted Montero for a little bit more - timing belt & valve stem seals being the main things. But as for a $3k Montero being the same price as a nice Land Cruiser I'll disagree. A $3k Montero...

    For Sale: Built 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited - Phoenix, AZ - SOLD

    Yep, they really are the best kept secret in USA 4x4s. For the price of a stock toyota with 100,000 more miles you can get a built up and fully maintained Montero with the same Japanese reliability and durability... but no one knows about them. A total failure on Mitsubishi USA's part to market...

    2019 Sierra Carnage

    Nice! Where in AZ?

    Rambo Penguin's Gen 3 Build!

    Probably the beefiest ARB awning mounts in the world, and love the quick detach option! Great work. I'm with you on the Onboard Air question and am sticking with my portable Viair compressor. But as for not needing a rear locker, there could definitely be situations when you go exploring that...

    So you want to put King shocks on a Third Gen Montero...

    Wow, thanks for all your hard work on this post. They look awesome and I’m sure they’ll perform amazingly once fitted but I can’t wrap my head around King advertising a product for a vehicle that straight up does not fit.

    For Sale: Built 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited - Phoenix, AZ - SOLD

    This is an awesome Montero that runs and drives great, wheels with the best of them, is super comfortable, and turns heads everywhere. If you're unfamiliar with the Mitsubishi Montero, it is a legendary heavy duty 4x4 with Japanese reliability, capable of taking 7 passengers over endless offroad...

    2003 Montero sputters and dies

    how many miles are on the vehicle?

    2003 Montero Limited - Lawrence of Arizona

    This is probably going to be my last major update to this thread. 6 months ago I was lucky enough to get an out of the blue phone call from Toasty, offering me his super clean, low mileage, near stock 2005 Gen3 and I just couldn't pass it up even though it meant owning 5 vehicles and having no...

    My Gen 3 2004

    Welcome to the group and the Monty life! I have 3rd row headrests, pm me if you want to buy them.
  13. SONICMASD - Ultimate Expedition Build - 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited

    I couldn't swing the $3k for the Kings so I went with Lovells EHD Front / HD Rear + Bilsteins for my Gen3 build but I will be saving up for these Coilovers for later on down the road. I was tempted by Dobinsons because they came out with a coilover that's less than half the cost of Kings but too...