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    SoDakSooner reacted to Dink74's post in the thread M101A1 Trailer build with Like Like.
    Picked it up in January and it towed 100 miles home with no issues at all. All lights worked and the tires are in great shape. Phase...
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    SoDakSooner reacted to 4lowdean's post in the thread M101A1 Axle with Like Like.
    Seriously? I'm running a 3500# axle with no issues on the stock springs. I'm glad you scored the upgrade for free, but even a 5000#...
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    Yep, did it. Works well. I didn't want to mount it to the outer rails and mounted to the crossbars. I had to build some spacers and...
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    SoDakSooner replied to the thread SoDak's M101A2 build.
    Well I finally got my jacks installed this weekend. Looks like almost the exact setup as @dstock . Turned out well with the exception...
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