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    Best Battery (Generator) for Fridge (Dometic CFX50)

    Search amazon tor solar generator. Lots of options on there. If you find a few you like post them for opinions.
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    Combining Somewhat Dissimilar [12v] Panels in Parallel

    Fwiw I run 2 different 50w panels. I run them in parallel with a PWM controller. Works fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Filling Cooler Walls with Spray Foam

    Another thing to keep in mind is that even Yeti requires the cooler be filled with about 50% ice to stay for more than a couple of days. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    School me on towing a small trailer off-highway?

    The only thing I will add is, as much as possible turn to the Drivers side. It’s easier to see the trailer out your window.
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    Questions about trailer solar systems and charging off the tow vehicle, and shore power

    FWIW, I’ve monitored charging with a 7 pin connection to my tear drop. As stated above the charge rate is low, it seems to be enough to replenish what my fridge uses, but not enough to recharge the battery from a low level. iIRC last trip I took about 500 watt hours out of the battery, on the 3...
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    Small/light off road trailers.

    George, I tend to agree, the home built off-road trailers are generally over built. It is important that the frame is well constructed and capable of carrying the required weight and then some for the reasons stated above. Where home builders go wrong IMO is that they continue to add weight...
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    1989 Bronco

    A former co-worker recently lost her husband and she is selling his Bronco.
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    DIY 12v Low Voltage Cutoff with battery monitor

    For 15$ you can get a 20A solar charge controller and wire it up to do the same thing.
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    Pressurizing water tank with onboard air compressor

    Will you be using a pressure rated vessel? To get a decent flow rate you will probably need over 10 PSI ( and more likely 25 or so). Tom
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    On board water systems questions. Specifically check valves and venting.

    That's not a good idea, The air will likely contain oil or other contaminates that you don't want in your drinking water. Old style systems that used pressure have a bladder that separates the air from the water.
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    On board water systems questions. Specifically check valves and venting.

    Your typical RV filler inlets have a spot for a vent hose Personally I wouldn't use a filter or check valve, just more places...
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    Ventilation question

    Adequate depends on the intended use. If you just want to have adequate airflow for breathing, then that should be plenty. If that is your main source of cooling air then you can expect it to take over 2 minutes to do an air exchange in the van. It won't give you a "cooling breeze", but if...
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    Ambulance converter question

    huh? 2) This is probably just the starter battery voltage. 10-11 is low, so you may want to check the connections. If the key switch connects the house & starter batteries together then you may want to make some changes. You normally don't want the house connected until the alternator is...
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    Short battery life. Kirkland battery quality or system?

    How big are those 2V batteries? You will need 6 of them, are you sure you want that weight/space?
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    Short battery life. Kirkland battery quality or system?

    You may want to look into a Dorm room fridge if you are plugged into shore power as much as you say. A decent one should pull in the neighborhood of 50AH per 24 hours. If you are plugged in for 12 hours, then you would only be using about 25 from your battery bank. Of course you would need an...