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  • I have a post on with a list of features on my van and some pics.

    I ended up abandoning the swivel base project. In the long run, simply building the bed frame to clear the camp kitchen and fridge-freezer was less work. I had to hinge the two ends of the bed though, so as to be able to get at the "appliances" at the back of the van, and the storage space behind the front seats. It meant less head-room, but we were never going to be able to stand up in this vehicle anyway. The biggest problem is trying to change clothes in these tight quarters. Right now we just pop down to the front seats to change, but I'm going to have a piece of canvas with appropriately placed grommets custom made so that I can put up a little triangular change room off of the awning. I envy you your hi-top!
    Hi! How are you liking your pop top from CCV? I am considering purchasing one for my 2002 Astro. Any leaks? Any complaints with it? Thanks for your help. Great van by the way!!
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