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    Cargo Craft Offroad Trailers

    We are going with a 5x8 with 4' interior height. Will be doing springs over a straight axle, or saying f-it and going with Timbren axle less. 16" OC tube for floors, walls, roof. Lengthened tongue with receiver.
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    Back Country Communications

    I have a 2m/70cm dual band mobile that has cross band repeater capability (for when i need comms but am away from truck..use the handheld to crossband through the mobile), a couple handheld dual band, and a separate dedicated APRS 2m mobile that bluetooths through a MobilinkD to my phone or...
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    And recently put a Suncoast torque converter in the 545RFE, as well as a newer version Mopar fluid pump (with upgraded TCC Accumulator valve springs from TransGo and a Sonnax Pressure Spring) , a TransGo HD2 shift kit (including installing the snap ring from the kit in the input drum), and a...
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Added 3 micron Donaldson P551313 secondary fuel filter
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    Pictures - Starting my 5x8 Cargo Camper Conversion

    yeah, would love to know weight. looks awesome
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    My offroad 5x8 Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion

    Congrats and thanks for the pics !
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    My offroad 5x8 Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion

    We have settled on a 5 x 8 cargo that we will have built with a 4' interior height. Still deciding on straight axle or saving up for the Timbren axle less. May have the company put a 24" door with RV lock on each side. and then install windows in those. This has been inspiring for us. thanks !
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    hey Martinjmpr, did you have these in the P rating or LT/Load E ?
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    Android and Ham Radio

    In case you havent received your passcode yet, and for anyone else who would like can get it instantly here: And for APRS I decided to go with a simple 2 meter radio (Radio Shack HTX 212 ), had a cable made that connects to a MobilinkD (and...
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    APRS Integration With Gaia GPS App

    havent heard any update. I use android and Backcountry Navigator Pro has APRS integrated in beta . I have zero idea of what is available for Apple stuff.
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    Navigation Novice Needs Ideas on Setup

    Absolutely untrue for android devices. Zero need to have a tablet be cellular capable to use the GPS. ...and the confusion continues....will it ever die !
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    Navigation Novice Needs Ideas on Setup

    Android tablets DO NOT need to be cellular capable for GPS to work. i wish the Apple thing with this inaccurate info would just die. It keeps getting repeated and repeated and repeated. Misinformation is not helpful to people learning, and then the misinformation gets.....repeated....again.
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    Navigation Novice Needs Ideas on Setup

    use a tablet, load maps on it. android tablets (and some apple ones, i just dont pay attention to which ones doa nd which ones dont) have gps units in them, and yes they work without cell service. Use an app on he tablet. Done
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab A & GPS without WiFi

    it's either broken, or user error. also, the apps typically dont create a line where you were. i think it is user error and perhaps error of expectation.
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    Looking for a RAM mount that fits the 2nd Gen inReach SE device.

    Are you just going to clip it somewhere with the belt clip ?