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  • Hey guys, are yall still in el paso? Please let me know if you are because im looking for playmates/teachers now that im back in the sandlot. Im on the east side. Are either of you hams? Please get in touch.
    That's where I'm at too...only thing that keeps me from going crazy from this traffic over here is the close ride to Red Sands and the fact that work is 10 minutes away!

    Most people think I'm crazy...I'm taking out my daily driver all the time. Only problem is these trails are a lil tight for a full size Dodge. The ones up in the Gila have me watching the mirrors quite often
    That would be correct. I live out on the eastside of El Paso. Yea, it is a nice place, im just barely gettin my rig in shape to hit the dirt. But its nearly ready.
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