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    Camp Chef Mountaineer 2 burner stove

    Wind screens look flimsy.. small. Are they able to flare out to accommodate larger cookware if need be? Doesn't look like it.
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    1st Gen Tundra w/ Firestone Air bags...???

    I ran them for years.. Firestones and Daystars.. excellent setup. Did quite a bit of loaded 4x4. Sold the truck is only reason I don't have them now.
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    Animal strikes and brush bars

    Guaranteed expense buying one, guaranteed hit on fuel economy and wear on front end, to possibly (probably not) prevent damage from something not guaranteed to happen. As added insult to injury, it will cost you more at the body shop to have it removed to fix the inevitable damage that happened...
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    Jeep - CL - LA, CA - One of a Kind

    I like the paddles on the rack... in case you find yourself up the creek without one, which given the looks of that rig, seems likely.
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    Anyone painted their AluBox / Zarges?

    I had some larger ammo cans powder coated a light grey color.. worked great. Just pulled the rubber seal and reinstalled after coating. The cans also had the diagonal bits spot welded to the outside.. for loading into a tank or some such.. I drilled out the spot welds and removed them for a...
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    Partner stove mod.. piezo ignition

    The wires are quick connect at the piezo.
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    2 burner camping stove recommendations?

    Didn't stand the test of time. Partners meanwhile....
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    Camp Chef Mountaineer 2 burner stove

    Huh, that's odd the Mountaineer came and went so quickly. Aluminum tariffs? Too expensive to make at that price point?
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    search tools to locate that special vehicle

    I've been searching Craigslist religiously for an item for a fair bit of time now. I've recently discovered (after suspecting) that the google methods described above to search Craigslist now suck, to be blunt. There is big lag in when Google picks up a new listing... like a few days lag (so...
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    Zombie-era Overlanding.

    The only thing explosive is the laughter at such a dumb idea. Bad enough when guys build one thing, and then try to go into business.... but to have nothing to show?
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    High top topper storage

    Made version 2.0 for the new topper. Out of sight in the rear view. Can still fit 29" bikes upright on platform with front wheels removed. Great place for sleeping pads and bags so the drawer space doesn't get hogged up by them. When the pads and bags are down, makes a great shelf for drinks...
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    Roof Top Tents and wind

    At 3 in the morning an adolescent black bear raiding your camp will make you want a hardside camper. A bear in the bushes is all it takes.. Can get a bit dodgy splitting hairs between age, species, and intent in the dark in the fog of sleep. I'd rather be on the ground if you have to haze off a...
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    Roof Top Tents and wind

    An RTT is only marginally better than any other tent in terms of bears. When Glacier NP etc is dealing with bears around camp sites they institute 'hard side' camping only policies. No RTT's, no FWC's etc.
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    Roof Top Tents and wind

    Hardside all the way in the SW. Folks get lulled because they've been a few times and lucked out on weather. Can't count the number of times we were tucked away snug and sound in our shell while other folks had epic nights... and often days. Pack a tent and use it when the weather is benign.
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    Webbing / Strap Question

    The strap type will in part be dictated by what hardware/use you intend for it..different locking mechanisms work best with different straps.. or maybe there won't be any locking mechanisms in which case you can overlook some of the strap characteristics.