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    WTB Large hip belt for Dana Design ArcFlex Terraplane Pack

    Total long shot, but I am looking for a Large hip belt, I just got a great deal on this pack that came with a medium hip belt and my beer weight puts me just into the large hip belt range. I would prefer to buy a large belt but would entertain trading for my medium belt. Hopefully someone...
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    show me your flex

    some IFS "flex" LOL Poser flex :)
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    Sweet Hiluxes in "District 9"

    can't wait to see this!
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    dusy ershim trail

    Cool pics, thanks for sharing! I may be going up there to do the trail in Sept. need to get some work going first. LOL
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    Expedition Camper by IrbisOffroad

    this is so cool! Thanks for documenting it and sharing it with us. :victory:
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    Wheeling no no.

    This comment is embarrassing.:Wow1:
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    Off road day trip in BC

    Very cool! Looks like fun! :costumed-smiley-007
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    Drinking the Toyota Kool Aid now

    DAng, that's a sweet deal!:wings: I have a 2nd gen and love it. Mine's an auto so is quite slow with the 3.0, but it always gets me where I want to go and does great on the trails.
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    light beams/filters

    I don't think it would matter which side you mount either one on, as you can still aim them where you want them. Mount them up, then experiment with the aiming. I went the triple light route, single spot in the center, and then combo filters on the sides. I do a lot of night dune runs, so the...
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    Off-highway light interfering with vehicle cooling?

    I've got a lightforce air dam in front of my 4runner and have seen no changes in cooling or AC. I also have a huge tranny cooler sandwiched between the grill and the ac condensor.
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    RTT cheap on Ebay

    Hmmm.. GoWesty is just down the street from me. I may have to go check this out and see what it looks like.
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    1988 Toyota Van / Vanwagon LE 4wd 5spd

    1988 Toyota Van / Vanwagon LE 4wd 5spd This van is being sold by a guy who I know through This is one of the best looking and built vans out there. Sadly he has to sell it due to identity theft (damn thieves :chair: ), but I believe it is worth every penny he's asking for...
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    Light bracket wanted.

    Yeah, I agree. I try to live vicariously through other people, that's why I posted them. :coffeedrink: Maximus Ram, good idea on those clamps. I'm going to check them out next time I'm at the hardware store. I'm looking for something like that, for mounting a safety whip when I'm at the...
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    Light bracket wanted.
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    Central Coast meet and greet

    That is awesome, thanks for sharing! It will be cool to see what is on the disc. Thank you for his address as well. I had got his address from him before we left, but when I got home I realized I couldn't read part of what was written. That's cool! I was always hoping to run into him again...