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    SOLD - 2012 Tacoma DCSB TRD OR with AT Overland Atlas

    Good luck with sale. Would you consider separating the Atlas from truck?
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    Family trailer build - military style

    All aluminum, 2ton axle on 33” BFGs. Bought and built to haul 2 roof top tents for my family of 4. It measures 5.5x10 ft. Bought the trailer new from a guy who had it custom built for hauling side by side. Never used to haul more than furniture. Took it back to the original builder, and had him...
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    SOLD--2018 Turtleback Adventure Trail, loaded with all options. $11,000. Located in NH

    Been following this for awhile. Looks perfect for my family of 4. Timing w COVID and everything has had me gun shy... I’m in Indianapolis.
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    Sequoia Rig

    More pics please!
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    Taco Fly-Buy-Drive

    Awesome, keep it coming
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    For Sale: Manley ORV Trailer with RTT - Athens AL

    Would you consider removing the tent? And selling the trailer alone?
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    CAISOB 2012 Tacoma Overland Build

    How do you like the winch/mount combo? Synthetic line? Looks clean, debating on the same
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    Shops in Indiana

    Haha, you probably aren't in the right section to be posting this, but you are in luck as I work in Bloomington and would gladly help out. I really don't know any good shops, but I'm a Toyota buff like most on this site and have had my fair share of Toyotas. Send me a PM with vehicle location...
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    Dissent offroad 2016 Tacoma trd build.

    Best 3rd gen setup I've seen, keep it coming! Love to see "original" designs vs the same ole bumper designs and such
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    M-416. 1960s-ish. Ohio $1,350.00

    Looks decent, I assume its wired for a 12V? Would you be willing to meet a bit closer to Indiana somewhere? I sent you a PM with my contact info.
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    The Mojave Road - A Newbie's Tale Pt 1 - Pic Heavy

    Post photos to Photobucket then post the "IMG" links into your text.
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    Newbie stock 2002 Sequoia, first thing to spend $$ on?

    Take it out stock, make upgrades based on what your needs are. There is no 'golden recipe'....depends on your use. If you wanna burn money though, my advice would be on maintenance.
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    To buy or not to buy(98' 4Runner)

    I'd pass, rust kills all the fun out of working on your on vehicle. There will be others.
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    Our first time to Ocracoke Island, 2016

    Awesome right up, thanks for all the tips. I'm looking to get down there in the next year or two.