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    4x4 1983 E150 Quadravan 6.8 DEISEL. - Vegg-O-Matic Tank - Oregon
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    88 VW LT40 4x4 Diesel in Canada Syncro on Steroids

    Not something you see everyday ! I do at times miss my old money pit !
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    2007 Gulfstream 4x4 30' BT Cruiser - Gas Beast

    Navigate any Walmart parking lot with all 8 kids !
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    2012 Provan Tiger 4x4 Duramax Diesel 15k California

    If I hadn't made a purchase I would be looking at this.
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    95 REVCON 6x6 Seats 6+ Sleeps 4+ $50k

    Cool rig. Buyer sounds solid. YMMV.
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    1995 TIGER CX VAN PRO. $6K

    Could be a fun project ...
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    84 Duece Military 4x4 with Rhino Coated Habitat
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    91 Chevy Provan Popup 4x4
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    Toyota Townace Diesel 4x4 Popup
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    Fully built out LMTV with habitat -- $40k

    Not sure if this has posted here before. Looks sweet and seller is motivated.
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    2006 Mercedes Sprinter Westfalia - made in Germany, brought into USA by Airstream, very rare

    I second the more photos thing: Bath, Undercarriage etc. Looking for a snowboarding rig. How is the Cold Weather performance on these ? Single pane windows/well insulated ? Can the bath be fitted with extra Aerogel insulation ? Is the bath heated by the furnace ? Are the tanks...
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    2002 Born Free 24' Diesel 4x4 on Ebay.

    Too long for me but a great rig.
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    2018 ShowHauler Custom 4x4 RV

    Funny, was just about to post this as well. PM PDX USA
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    SOLD: LMTV M1078 Expedition vehicle starter kit

    Might be easier to insulate from the exterior and then skin. I only ask cause going down to Camping World and looking at one is not a likely circumstance ! I'm sure the salesman wouldn't mind me ripping off the interior panels to take a peek... Thanks, Paul
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    SOLD: LMTV M1078 Expedition vehicle starter kit

    Nice ! Figured this would move quick. Little too much truck for my use but I was considering. I am thinking about a FUSO/Big 3 Flatbed cold weather build out. Can I ask a few about the Hi-Lo ? 18 footer from what I can figure ? Is there enough room in the walls to fir out and add more than...