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    Winnebago EKKO

    I think it will be successful with the limitations others have pointed out here. I personally don't want dualies on my AWD even though others are OK with that and I'd prefer no propane. Also, to sleep 1-2 kids you need a pop-top and I don't like how the dinette is set up.
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    Do it your self Fiberglass Extrusions by Total Composites

    I believe TC does offer FRP composite panels for internal buildout in 1" thickness, both foam and honeycomb polyethylene cores. Probably best to contact them directly for details
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    Completing an "incomplete" vehicle (Cab/Chassis, Cutaway)

    Great to know and I'm happy to be wrong if this is of no issue in CA. I will be contacting DMV in Nevada to see if a non-issue. Sounds like it was an issue in TN though.
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    Completing an "incomplete" vehicle (Cab/Chassis, Cutaway)

    These fed regs apply to any vehicles manufactured, not just commercial transport, see Someone should try to register an incomplete Ford Transit vehicle in Vermont, maybe it would work. However, I personally would never want to sell said vehicle, or...
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    Completing an "incomplete" vehicle (Cab/Chassis, Cutaway)

    My understanding is this is not a state registration issue per se, but a US Dept. of Transportation issue as per the code of federal regulations, here is a link to the applicable code The vehicle will come from Ford with a VIN and door sticker...
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    I think you can only order a Transit Van 2021 model year now and they all come with push button electronic parking brake as standard equipment. Definitely get LSD with AWD.
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    Building a Micro-Split AC System

    Great project. I was thinking of doing something similar and I think the 8k BTU Midea U "semi-mini-split" would be a great starting point and pretty efficient with variable speed compressor and fans as others pointed out. This guy takes one apart.