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    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    I'll take the fuel tank kit!
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    Ford E350 7.3 water pump hints?

    If you have an air chisel, you can use that to loosen the clutch while still in the van. Otherwise, I also pulled radiator, and the pump and fan together. I then used a rented clutch tool that barely worked.
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    Ford E350 7.3 water pump hints?

    Are you replacing the pump or clutch?
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    2000 Ford 7.3L Motovan build (225's build cont'd)

    I think you will find that the turbo outlet in your picture won't work on the van specific turbo. I made that mistake also.
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    Packasport system 115 fiberglass roof cargo box. Huge and cheap.

    I'll take it. I live in fallbrook and could come get it today.