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    Raptor Overlanding?

    There is literally a 1" difference in overall length between the Gen1 (250") and Gen2 (251") Crew Cabs.
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    F350 or F450 or F550

    My 550 didn't have the option for dual tanks either. But I wasn't sure if it was because it was a Lariat or because of the 179" wheelbase. It has provisions for the mid-ship tank and I've seen people retrofit them, but its just more money that I don't need to spend right now. I went with...
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    Raptor Overlanding?

    We have a 2018 Raptor that is essentially used as a daily driver and occasional tow vehicle for a flatbed trailer with a total weight of about 8k lbs when loaded. Power-wise, its great. The torque and 10 speed pulls the weight without any problems. However, the suspension is obviously much...
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    F350 or F450 or F550

    Correct. My old 2013 was 300/660 and as I mentioned earlier it was a tank when it came to towing. A bit more power might have been nice, but I didn't have any problems. I'm excited to see how my 2022 will haul/tow with the extra 165lbft over my old 550, plus the 10 speed transmission.
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    F350 or F450 or F550

    It sounds like you can still get some decent power out of a CC with a tuner. I know of at least one person that has one on a 2017+ F550 with with 41” continentals and a slide in. He said that he doesn’t use any of the “performance” modes because it’s more power than he needs, even at 16k lbs...
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    F350 or F450 or F550

    That is not true. They are detuned. Also have different turbo, intake, exhaust and likely ECU programming from the pickup versions.
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    F350 or F450 or F550

    Picked up my 2022 F550 Lariat at the end of August that I ordered back in April. When I was placing he order, I was going back and forth between F450 and F550 chassis cabs. If considering a chassis cab, I don't see the benefit of going with anything lower than an F550. Technically, they are...
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    Kingstar Camino - Any Input?

    6'4" here, so I hear ya on the interior height limitations. But according to the NL specs, the interior "headroom" is 6'8". Though I know that a few video reviews have pointed out that the interior part of the AC unit is lower than that.
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    Kingstar Camino - Any Input?

    I was looking at those too and liked the layouts. However, the fairly steep price that you pointed out for what I would consider the basics, combined with a wood-framed construction was what killed it for me. At $40k+, you're getting close to Northern Lite range - especially used prices.
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    2020 FWC Hawk Woolrich edition for sale

    I only have one question - does is come with "trophy truck" suspension?
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    Another 2020 Ram 5500 Flatbed Camper Build

    Obviously you took care of your situation, but for future reference, these weld in washer inserts work really well and are probably not as labor intensive as your fix:
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    Modifying Truck Camper to Slide Completely on Flatbed

    Not sure if this was posted, but Stable Camper appears to be making a slide-in camper storage box kit for C&M truck beds:
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    Diesel Phasing Out?

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure this didn't happen. But it makes for a great scary campfire story!
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    Standardized composite box options for cab and chassis trucks?

    Apparently my timing with the post was uncanny :D