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    Cummins Dodge 2006

    Quad cab 8' bed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cummins Dodge 2006

    No rust, no garage, never damaged no off road activity. Always followed maintenance etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cummins Dodge 2006

    Tried to get a response out of fireside chat gave up. I'm interested in seeing opinions before doing a post on the for sale side. I live in Juneau, AK own a 06 SLT Cummins long bed 2500 4x4 automatic wind up windows and no electric seats with 50,000 miles(kept this truck simple as Alaska and...
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    I was in J-Tree/29 Palms area for 10 days in Jan. Ran into a guy and his wife that was a Rescue Swimmer for the Canadian Coast Guard. They were driving a Fuso mini van 4x4 that is imported into Canada once it's hit the 15 year mark. This was their third one. They love them and from what I could...
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    1994 Northern Lite 9.6 Camper/sold

    OK this camper has been gone over and then again with fixes here and there to make it a nice lightweight cab over camper. I installed a new PD9130 - 30 Amp Electronic Power Converter, new Hijacker hydraulic jacks(the kind you pump with your arm, also we installed a new escape pod last spring...
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    Importing a camper into the US

    I've done a couple of these weird no title required for the particular state purchases in the past. Here is what is the simplest thing to do. Get a bill of sale from the seller, if you are a Washington or Oregon resident better get it notarized or the state will get their panties in a bunch. If...
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    Aluminum camper

    Anyone have any intel on these campers? Livin lite camp lite slide in campers. I see a few dealers scattered here & there but so far haven't see one on the road. I put in 8K miles this year & never saw one. The other camper I'm curious about is the...
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    Diesel for the new Ford Transit Van in the US

    wonder who is making the engine for them? once ford left the 7.3 they haven't had much consumer faith as far as I know in their 6 litre engines
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    Any bird hunters?

    I love hunting birds but this year with the price of fuel I just said no. I usually head to eastern Montana or to Judith Basin(have friends there so it is easy getting on land with birds) to hunt pheasant, sharp tail and water fowl if I jump any. Another reason it was easy to say no was my dog...
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    What are you getting your kids for Christmas thread?

    I went to a friend's business a few month ago and helped make 5 long bows plus arrows that were spined for the light weight bows. Their poundage varies from 12 to 18 lb pull. 4 are very long for the wee children but that is OK as the bows are show at a cant anyway. These are for our 5 grand...
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    what about rei

    There are companies that support closing down areas so only certain user groups can "play" there, that I don't agree with. Been a member of REI for a coons age and an employee of them, Mountain Safety Research back in South Park days when Larry Penberthy and Ray Coulter (could be Colter also I...
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    Stock Differential Cover Replacements

    Thanks for all the input. Ya I will pull the trigger on the Mag-Hytecs they are only a few dollars more than PLM and have details that I like: O-ring gasket, dip stick, extra capacity
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    Not on list but need help with 2005 Rav 4 PVC (ventilation valve)

    It says on the net there is one for years 1999-2006 but then the net doesn't always tell the absolute truth
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    Not on list but need help with 2005 Rav 4 PVC (ventilation valve)

    We recently bought a 2005 Rav 4 with 15000 miles. I'm slowly going thru the rig changing this and that to make sure it's all up to snuff. The PVC or ventilation valve (threaded BTW) location has me stumped. I've googled it, I've had my big Finn head stuck about anywhere it can fit looking for...
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    Inverter Replacement in my 1994 Northern Lites Camper

    Progressive Dynamics Converter 4600 series 35 amp to replace the original inverter which was 20 amps, plus this one will allow us to still use our small 1000 watt Yamaha generator. Removing the old and replacing the new was a no brainer PLUS a new DC fuse board which I also installed as it has...