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    Dumbest thread on EP? "New Defender Rage/Hate Thread" ?

    I figured it wouldn't be any different from the last thread. Sounds like I'm not missing anything! 😂
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    New Defender News

    Thanks for sharing! I'm ready to drive one to Everest now :D
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    Don't go out alone - and bring your recovery gear.

    I didn't even know what recovery gear was when I got my LR3 stuck in the Georgia clay a few years back haha Got in way over our heads really quickly! We had a 3 year old with us, only one tow strap, and only a hatchet. Ouch! The truck look suck in a very similar fashion...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Looks nice! So the hood opening will be quite narrow compared to the size of the overall "hood" area? Pics show me that's how classic Defenders work. Does that give a much smaller area to work in? I'm used to the full opening of the LR3.
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Wicked sand pics!
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    LR3/LR4 Peeps, need roof rack advice/insight

    I bought it this year - that's why I wrote 3.5 years... It took them waaaaay too long to launch that product. Completely changes the experience of the rack!
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    LR3/LR4 Peeps, need roof rack advice/insight

    Very good points on wasted potential/utilization, added weight, and fuel impact. (I read the first few hah) I thought I would have used my frontrunner rack a lot more! Definitely haven't used it as much as I expected. I also spent 3.5 out of 4 years with horrible wind noise (and probably a...
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    Decisions, decisions

    Looks great! Do you have a 2 seat tuck? I don't think my back seats fold down like that... Did you get the best attachment they offer? It's saved me on the trails countless times! It's...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    It seems a little bit short. It doesn't look like a Kia Soul as much anymore!
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    Mud terrains or All terrains....?

    They are knock off Maxtrax from Amazon - like a 1/4th the price and they could get delivered on time. They helped immensely! I had to leave it there a week while we got stuff to get it out and had time to come back haha We were definitely not ready for that kind of mud - didn't even have a...
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    Mud terrains or All terrains....?

    Can confirm! KO2 At haha hard to tell. I sunk straight down.
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    Long Term Reliability of LR4

    I hated driving my family's suburban when I was learning. It felt like it took up the whole lane! How could I not hit someone? The smaller option was the Volvo station wagon and they sold it right before I turned 16! Was pretty bummed. An LR4 would be better than most 16 year Olds deserve! I...
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    Decisions, decisions

    Get the new wind fairing! It completely changes the experience.
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    ARKONIK Venture LR Defender 110 Edition heads for Hawaii

    Stunning! Love that interior leather.
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    LR3 Repair Woes - Upside O2 Sensor stuck

    Great news! I went back to my old Land Rover shop, Bear Valley Service in Alpharetta (Atlanta), GA. They got the sensor out and installed the one I provided for $300! $1,200 cheaper than the luxury European shop I was at previously. I had moved to the other side of town from Bear Valley - shame...