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    RR Evoque or Discovery Sport

    pretty fun reviews out there on the tube. TFL is always entertaining. I didn't think the Discovery Sport had a lot of bang for the buck when it came to creature comfort features versus competition in the same segment when I was looking at a new car back in 2017. Seemed very expensive for what...
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    New Defender News

    I felt the exact same way about my LR3 when I looked at the 110 last year! The third row was even smaller than the LR3 - the dealer guy had to sit sideways to fit in the 110. Felt a like a bad decision to give up a great LR3, downsize, and pay $58k or more.
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    Look at this 🙄

    That's wheely bad! Were you there? Was it normal gravel road driving?
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    LR3 Tires

    My 265/65/r18 BFG KO2 have been great. On my 2nd set as of March. First set got ~65k miles ~8y years. I had to remove the exhaust tire well guard to get the spare to fit. Never had a problem with rubbing in any scenario that I encountered. I I've done a hair of off-roading too. Looks great...
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    L322 Overlanding Build and Adventures

    Did you consider a wind guard going down to the top of the roof with the extra material? Getting the Front Runner wind guard completely changed the interior noise volume for the better on my LR3. I Would guess you get a good bit of noise/vibration going under rack? Really great looking build!
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    TFL defender?

    I emailed Tommy on the 10th asking if they still had it or sold it. He replied really quickly! Too bad it didn't fair better. " Yup sold it a little while ago. Tommy Mica"
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    Roof Rack Install Question

    I did exactly this in 2014 and it has been problem free since then. Parked outside for many years in that period too.
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    LR3 Purchase Advice

    That's ninja level advice right there! :D
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    I found a LR3 at a used car lot and offered to swap my 19" wheels for their 18" wheels (while paying labor for the swap) so they could say the truck had upgraded wheels when trying to sell the truck. Was a great way to get the 18" without paying for new wheels :D
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    Dumbest thread on EP? "New Defender Rage/Hate Thread" ?

    I figured it wouldn't be any different from the last thread. Sounds like I'm not missing anything! 😂
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    New Defender News

    Thanks for sharing! I'm ready to drive one to Everest now :D
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    Don't go out alone - and bring your recovery gear.

    I didn't even know what recovery gear was when I got my LR3 stuck in the Georgia clay a few years back haha Got in way over our heads really quickly! We had a 3 year old with us, only one tow strap, and only a hatchet. Ouch! The truck look suck in a very similar fashion...
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Looks nice! So the hood opening will be quite narrow compared to the size of the overall "hood" area? Pics show me that's how classic Defenders work. Does that give a much smaller area to work in? I'm used to the full opening of the LR3.
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    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Wicked sand pics!
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    LR3/LR4 Peeps, need roof rack advice/insight

    I bought it this year - that's why I wrote 3.5 years... It took them waaaaay too long to launch that product. Completely changes the experience of the rack!