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    My Random Wanderings Around the West.

    Jibs! What up buddy? Where are ya now been a while.
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    My Journey

    Incredible scenery you def showed up at the right time.
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    Two-and-a-Half Days in Idaho (Jul 2018)

    Sierra County is where I grew up. Wish I had known you guys came through Reno I would have def grabbed lunch with you!
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    3 Years Around North America, Plus a Few More

    If your in the area its certainly worth the trip out to it. Ive been there twice and the water is really nice. Its a hot water creek. One year was bad with horse flys. Id def recommend to go during cooler months as there is no shade there
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    3 Years Around North America, Plus a Few More

    Very nice! I did Hart Wild Life this summer was a neat place. Did the Steens the year before. Did you hit Bog Hot springs or Willow Hot Springs near denio?
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    The Trans America Trail in a 2019 Ford Ranger

    Great trip thanks for sharing. If you were to run start to finish and roads were open how long do you think it would take to finish?
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    [YEAR 7!] Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding...

    Yes updates!!!! Good to see you back on the forum.
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    My Journey

    I flew in that old bird out of Missoula to Redding CA back when I was a wild land fire fighter. That is pretty rad to see she is still flying. Twin prop DC3 was a world war 2 plane and is now used as a smoke jumper transport. Good memories thanks for sharing.
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    Exploring New Zealand From the Left.

    Thanks for sharing super fun to follow along on your adventure. Keep pics coming please.
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    Around Africa in our shorty

    Please keep the pics coming of your trip. Epic
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    My Colorado Travelings

    Great pics thanks!
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    My Journey

    be good to see you back out on the road. any idea of where you are headed?
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    ExploreDesert: 4th of July in the Eastern Sierra's

    What lake is that you are camped above? Great pics