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    FS: 4th GEN GOBI Stealth rack w/ accessories - $1300 Oakland, CA

    Hi, I have for sale my GOBI Stealth rack purchased in 2016. This has been used, but taken care of. Rack has: Wind Deflector Sunroof Cut Out Crossbars Large Tool Box Axe/ Shovel Mount Hi-Lift Mount 2x Front Runner Gas Can Holders Maxtrax Pin Set I do still have the keys for the locks for the...
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    [Pluto] Spvrtan's semi-overland build

    I follow you on the insta. Good looking truck, good adventures. Maybe I'll run into you in the desert sometime. . .
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    4th Gen 4runner CB antenna, where to mount?

    I would mount the CB antenna to a front bumper if you have an aftermarket bumper. As for the Ham radio antenna, I use Diamond Antenna K400 Hatch mount It works awesome. I run an NMO with a comet SBB1 in the city and a Comet SBB5 when on the trail. I love...
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    4Runner fuel mileage?

    I have a 2006 6 cyl. 4Runner and I just did Mojave Road with my father-in-law and his FJC. Just an aside, but the FJC only has an 18 Gallon tank and the 4Runner has a 21 Gallon tank. Another thing to consider. . . I believe mileage is about the same between the two though.
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    Awning Width Normal to Exceed Rack Length?

    For what it's worth as a comparison, I have a Gobi rack with their axe/shovel mount on one side and hi-lift mount on the other. Both mounts are super solid and have given me no problems at all. It's not the same, since I'm not running an awning, but I have yet to be let down by Gobi's products...