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    SOLD 1990 Toyota Town Ace 4x4 Pop Top Diesel Camper

    Are you the one with the Delicas I keep seeing around the valley by chance?? I’d love this but a Delica would make more sense with my lifestyle...
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    FWC Fleet on Full Size pick up..Real world pics or opinions

    I've been thinking about doing a setup like this as well, because as great as my Tundra is, I'm starting to think I'll want a full size truck in the near future. also, Laramie plates! I grew up and went to college there, my entire family is still around the area.
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    Stoked about the new Gofast camper

    I really wanted to be in on the first round of Tundra models, but life got in the way, really really in the way. Will the first gen Tundra models just be a one production run kind of thing? I should be in a better position to order one in the late summer/fall or even for next spring. Ps...
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Drooling. I could also tell where the first 2 photos were even before the Teton picture. If you live in town I’d love to check the truck out, I want so bad.
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    Custom Tundra Bed Platform

    If you feel like driving back to Wyoming I’d take em!
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    Sub $400 1st gen front bumpers?

    I think you'll just have to do some craigslist hunting... I've seen a few bumpers for sale around here for $500 or less.
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    1998.5 Dodge Ram CTD - Sally

    This is exactly what we do in my Tundra, and we have plenty of room for my gf, the dog and I. We just move the cooler and any food to the front seats. It's slightly annoying having to move stuff around to setup just to go to sleep but the only other option for us would be a slide-in camper. I...
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    Tundra double cab / fridge mount

    First or Second gen? I took out the seat bottoms of my '06 Access cab to let our dog have more room and they came out independently of each other. Even in my smaller cab I'm sure I could fit a fridge in that space with a little work.
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    Fuso FG Camper on Ebay

    Saw this on the east Idaho CL, glad I clicked this before I posted. Seems like a lot of truck for the money
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    Four wheel camper... trailer? CL Colorado.

    Apparently FWC made a trailer at some point? Looks exactly like their pop up system.
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    In CO, not mine. 7.3 turbo diesel on local Facebook page

    I remember seeing this thing in Jackson last winter, super clean on the outside.
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    Callen camper for 1st Gen Dodge Ram . SD CL $500

    Any idea if it'd fit an obs ford 8 foot bed?