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    Any longtime riders quit for good?

    I never really followed up with this. I did end up selling the motorcycle last year. It really effected me personally for a couple of days actually. In fact I sort of set it up so my dad ended up selling it in Minneapolis (bigger market than the Upper Peninsula) and that way I didn't have to see...
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    What is the craziest recovery situation you made it through (or didn't make it through)?

    A friend of mine had found a good surfing spot on Lake Superior near Houghton Michigan. He and another guy had gotten permission and even a key to open a gate that led down to a good beach with the break they liked to surf. One early morning he asked me if we could take my Willys jeep out to the...
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    2020 winter ALCAN 5000 - starts 25 Feb to 7 March 2020

    I was being sarcastic I guess, but I have considered trying to get on the wait list. Jeep is as ready as it could ever be, and I missed out on the opportunity to drive "Alaska or Rust" a couple of seasons ago. Tried to interest Expo or Overland Journal in an article about it but they didn't...
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    2020 winter ALCAN 5000 - starts 25 Feb to 7 March 2020

    I'm wondering how many sets of tire chains I'm going to wear out on such a journey...
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    Towing MPG- Gas Trucks

    I get about 16-17-18 mpg depending on the wind and hills etc with our '73 F100. Pretty much gets 12-13 mpg towing a boat or something similar. The most I towed with the engine 'Stock' was 5,100# and I think the milage on a 300 mile trip was 11mpg. Now that I have added a better exhaust system...
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    Airbags, Ride Rite or Air Lift 5000

    You will get it installed sooner or later, I know I struggled and felt like a dope when others told me it was easy. I finally set my bags straight on the frame and almost straight on the leaf springs. Really no combination of spacers and washers made the bracket fit perfectly on the leaf pack...
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    4.0 XJ questions regarding the engine

    Could be a bit of a long shot but I would go straight to replacing the catalytic converter if it hasn't been yet. My wife's '93 Grand Cherokee 4.0 was getting slow and sluggish to the point that I thought the transmission was giving it up. Mechanic gave us the advice that the honeycomb baffle in...
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    Airbags, Ride Rite or Air Lift 5000

    Just wanted to report back about my install of the ride rites. In the end it took me about 8 hours to do, and it was not easy. I don't know why, I just seemed to have lost my brain and made several mistakes. I had a hard time lining up the brackets square on the frame, making them the same side...
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    Airbags, Ride Rite or Air Lift 5000

    Update on my ride rite purchase from SD truck spring: I wouldn't order from SD truck spring if you are in a hurry, I ordered my kit on the 5th of August and they just arrived yesterday. The kit looks good and all of the parts look heavy duty. The instructions seem fine but a little universal...
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    Airbags, Ride Rite or Air Lift 5000

    I haven't installed yet but maybe as a "mental tiebreaker" for you I gave up and ordered the Firestone kit for my F-100. I just had to get it over with as we are moving next month. I called around and asked a few truck shops, most of them told me I would never know the difference if I had one or...
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    Animal strikes and brush bars

    I hit a deer with my Cherokee years ago, I guess around 2010. It jumped out of the grass on the far side of a bridge in broad daylight. I probably hit the brakes after impact so maybe I was traveling around 60 mph. Just wasn't even thinking about looking for deer in the daytime I guess. Anyway...
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    Proper way to power fuse block on old pickup

    Hmm, I forgot about the power systems sub forum. I will check that out. I see that it isn't an ideal fuse panel, but for my purposes it seems okay. Say a phone charging draws 2 amps and the light draws 5? If they were both working that's 7 amps on a 10 gauge wire? Maybe I am just trying to talk...
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    Proper way to power fuse block on old pickup

    Hey folks, A friend of mine gave me a fuse block recently. I would like to add a cigarette lighter jack, and 55 watt reverse light. I was thinking about using some 12 gauge wire I have already. Way overkill hopefully for the reverse lamp (55 watts / 12 volts is 4.6 amps?) For now I am content...
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    SOLD 2006 Triumph Scrambler

    New price updated. Thanks!