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  • So glad your brake issues have been resolved and you are back to enjoying life on this side of the pond. I've been diligently working on my plans for my own camper the past couple days. Making lots of progress, still tossing around interior layout designs. Hopefully I will be able to get some funding gathered together and get my own project off the ground soon.

    Give my best to Naomi and Boris,

    Hi Mike,

    yes, American Equipment fitted a new air chamber on the problem side of the back axle and replaced the brake pads which were toasted.

    We're now in San Antonio for the rodeo and so far the problem has not reoccurred. I hope that's the end of this particular issue. From the sounds of Teflons post in the unimog forum, if we run into more problems we may have better luck getting them fixed in Mexico. The weather has improved dramatically here over the last few days and it's now in the 80s, if it stays like this we may head to Padre Island for some beach action before crossing the border.

    Best regards,

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