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    6.0 EGR......Bulletproof or Delete?

    Having some work done on my 6.0....Having most everything done while it's apart, ARP Studs, Oil Cooler, new injectors, glow plugs, etc...Going back and forth between EGR delete or a bulletproof unit. The new Ford OEM replacement EGR is the same as the Bulletproof diesel ones and comes with a 2...
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    Battery Isolator on 6.0l E350

    Thanks for the info. I was debating on going with a thicker gauge for the positive run. Does the grounding wire for the house battery need to be of a matching gauge? Or could I run 0 for the positive and 2 for my house ground? I suppose it doesn't matter which battery as they are both wired...
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    Battery Isolator on 6.0l E350

    Looking to get my house battery setup on my 2005 E350 with the 6.0l this weekend and I've been head scratching on where the best place to tie it in is. I'd like to use the Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR as I've used it in the past and the battery connect option seems like a nice feature for the likely...
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    4x4 Van Resources

    Anyone have a lead on Fiberglass Hi-Tops for Ford vans out in the CO or greater Rockies area? Fiberine tops are sweet, but the shipping out to my little corner of Southwest CO doubles the already expensive price tag. Probably going to make my way through the scrap yards here soon...
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    4x4 1998 Ford E-350 XLT for sale in Denver, CO

    PM'd you! Super interested and in CO. Holler!
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    SOLD 2013 Ford E350 4x4 Camper Van

    SOLD Excellent condition van. Check the listing for details. Holler if you've got questions. Can be flexible on price and/or add that certain creature comfort your looking for. Cheers!
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    Relay Fuse Box for Lights

    Heaters are only pulling 2amps a piece. Not sure on lights, but they are currently wired with a 15 amp in line fuse. If I tie a relay directly to the battery to power the entire fuse block, how does it determine power on/off with the ignition? Will these relays work...
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    Relay Fuse Box for Lights

    I'm looking to install an aux fuse box for some lights and seat heaters on my E350. Seems like the best route is to tie it into my starting battery and turn on/off with the ignition, that way the heaters can't be left on and drain either the starting battery or alternatively the house battery...