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    Sand to Snow North America

    Trip was delayed one day do to a significant snow storm all day yesterday. 14" dropped here in belmont. Packing the final bag of clothes and tooth brush and hitting the road in an hour. First stop is to visit Friends in DC. Woot Woot!
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    Sand to Snow North America

    Thanks man. Great build and trip thread!
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    Sand to Snow North America

    Back Seat Removed. Platform built for storage underneath 4" memory foam mattress on top.
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    Sand to Snow North America

    Hi All. My dog Hunter & I are hitting the road in 2 weeks. Starting here in Belmont Ma, heading south to grab some warm and sun before traversing west zigzagging up the rockies to Banff. From there we will be cruising Trans Canada Rt 1 to Montreal. Skiing is a focus for this trip. My known...
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    2005 chevy 3500 duramax with custom flat bed

    Hi Truck Details: 2005 Silverado LS regular cab. LLY duramax with 5 speed allison trans. Push button 4/4 with locking rear differential Grey cloth interior & Grey carpet in perfect condition Power windows, Locks, Tilt. steering wheel controls, A/C & CD Power, heated, signal towing mirrors...
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    1997 Ford F350 Does Everything / Expedition / Mt. Bike

    Great adventure rig! Best of luck with the sale
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    Nitro Gear and Axle 05 Kodiak Build

    What was involved in converting from dual rear wheel to super singles?
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    Lets see your full size Chevy!!!

    Might as well show my daily driver. 05 duramax. New England Truck design flat bed Rigid Industries lights on back rack & under bed rear corners Little custom dash switch panel Going to be adding the cognito leveling kit with bilstiens as the stock suspension is getting tired
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    1985 300GD for sale (4 door)

    I really wish this were near me This is a nice looking truck (from the pictures) & is priced appropriately. Someone will be happy
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    1985 300GD for sale (4 door)

    If this were on the east coast I would drive up with check book in hand to take a close look. Any interest in driving it my way? All the best with the sale
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    Anyone have the ARB Stubby?

    Why the change from AEV?
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    2004 Land Rover Discovery (full expedition truck) 5.0 stoked motor

    Ive never been a big fan of discos, but this truck looks great! Great taste man. The white & black looks very sharp. good luck with the sale
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    I like all the aluminum mounting brackets. Where did you get these?