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    Ford 7.3 - any reason to not get one?

    You won't be lacking for power. I had a F350 Pickup, 7.3, it would tow and never seem stressed. It got 16 mpg, Loaded, empty ,towing, 16 mpg. It was a 2WD. It got stuck if it even looked at mud.
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    Newbie Question: how much wind does your hard side truck camper catch?

    I had a pop up on a Dodge 250 4x4 Cummings, drove like the camper was not even there. I'm another vote for something very light on a 150. Or buy more truck. You can go everywhere with a camper shell and just a platform and a mattress or sleeping pads in back. Way cheaper, no weight...
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    Actual build cost vs markup on US built off road trailers/teardrops.

    In anything you are willing to do for fun you calculate your time at $.05 per hour. There are lots of projects I do that I would be much better off having someone pay me my normal hourly rate. I like learning new things and new skills. I would rather research a project than watch drivel on TV...
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    Physicist answering solar related questions

    Thanks for making yourself available !! I appreciate learning more about the subject.
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    2018 Toyota Tacoma with Alu-Cab Khaya Camper $50k

    Only had 15,000 miles. It sold quick. It was a great deal at $50,000.
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    Most affordable, fuel efficient 4x4 set up

    You can get a long bed Tacoma, build a platform above the wheel wells. My TRD off road V6 gets 20 MPG with a light foot. No other truck will have better resale.
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    (Opinion) Buying a HDJ8X or not...

    I love diesels, but my RHD BJ44 diesel Landcrusiser is SLOW. Like 62 MPH top speed slow. It may go a little faster, but it won't be happy. That makes the RHD OK because you will never pass anyone. I imported it, being over 25years old it was cheap and easy. Beware if you live in California...
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    UB4D AGM 200AH RV/Solar Batteries - NEW, $325/EA, $600/PR

    Where are they located?
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    Operating cost of earthcruisers?

    My experience with a new 30 foot V-10 motorhome bought in 1999. 7-8.5 mpg. Depreciation over 7 years 30,000 miles $30,000. Other costs were tires and insurance. I got it stuck a couple of times a few feet off road, so 0 off road capability. My family had some great trips and it was worth every...
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    Finally got myself a Gen 2.5, now, major maintenance update time.

    I always find it funny that people ask for help, "What else should I do to get this thing mechanically up to date? ", but don't want to share something useful like what the market value might be. Here, give me free advice. I will give you nothing. But I say I'm all for helping. No thanks...
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    AT Tacoma Habitat for sale

    Time for a road trip. Gonna be real hard (read expensive) to ship. Plus you have to deal with customs for importation from another country.
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    What is a Ruger flattop blackhawk realistic value?

    This time of year is not a good time to sell most anything. Money is short around Christmas. I try to wait until spring if I can. I don't know the laws in Montana, but perhaps a person to person sale in a local newspaper? I agree there are a lot of dreamers on some websites as to asking prices.
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    Troy PAR

    My vote is for a lever action .308. You can learn to operate it quickly and it does not look evil. It's a cartridge you already have.
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    What is a Ruger flattop blackhawk realistic value?

    Look on All the wear really hurts the value. When it is that worn it goes from a collector to a shooter. I doubt you will find that many shooters on the websites mentioned. My guess is to deduct 30-50 % from a mint one in original box.