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    Am I being ridiculous?

    Good choice. Probably the best decision financially.
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    3 Weeks in Baja – Surfing, SUPing and Dirt Roading

    Come on man give it a rest. 7 Sisters and The Wall are famous spots. There is literally YouTube content from both spots dating back to early 2000's plus they're in hundreds of publications and websites. Nice vid. Did you end up surfing the bigger waves?
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    3 Weeks in Baja – Surfing, SUPing and Dirt Roading

    Stickers are huge down there. Get an image or stencil of your truck printed on some stickers and the local kids will absolutely love you. Looking forward to Ep 3
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    Am I being ridiculous?

    Don't fret about the fire road comments as they literally do not make sense. A fire road is made/built for a fire vehicle and 99% of the time they are a 3/4 ton or bigger. Sure you might get some pin stirpes but that's part of it. My brother works for Adams county fire in Denver and I asked him...
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    2500/3500 Ram/Chevy/Ford??

    If you want a solid front axle you'd have to elimate GM and go with Ford or Dodge. Both are awesome and powerful. It will come down to what is avail and which one is more comfortable for you.
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    New guy and his Scout

    I've owned many scouts and love them but also hate them. Currently have a 1970 800 SR2, before that had a 78 and 74 SII and my family has owned many, many IH vehicles. Nice IH and welcome to the forum!
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    Total Electronic Failure - deemed "totaled" 2011 LR4

    Sounds like a nightmare. Sorry to hear!
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    3 Weeks in Baja – Surfing, SUPing and Dirt Roading

    Did you ever figure out the shuddering noise issue you were having with your tent?
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    International Scout to resurrected as EV's

    I bet that 57 looked pretty darn awesome tho!! I loved that front end. Classic American 50's style. Most people have forgotten about them but once they remember them, there's always a story or memory.
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    International Scout to resurrected as EV's

    Could be cool. I've owned numerous IH vehicles and currently have a 1970 800 SR2. Scouts are legendary in my opinion and I am not sure how I'd feel about it. But would be cool to get one in orange and take a side by side picture!
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    Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS

    Is this one of the longest lasting threads on EP?!?!
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    2017 F-150 build...Everyone meet Walter White

    Let's talk about forscan and changing tire size on the comp and correcting my spedo. I'm off by about 4 MPH on the freeway. It's no big deal but I'd love to have everything correct for more accurate reading. Anyone have experience with forscan and how easy it is? Tips, tricks, etc? I have to...
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    MXT575: 50w GMRS now available

    I have the MXT275 and its such a great setup. So easy and simple and the integrated controls really does make such a great difference. Makes me want to upgrade for no reason at all lol
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    New Bronco

    Father in law just had his 2 door sasquatch delivered this weekend. Got to drive it for 30 mins. What a nice ride. Love it.
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    F150 - 2.7L vs 3.5L vs 5.0L

    I cant wait to see you on the freeway or around town one day and geek out and say "That's Herbie!" lol