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    Official Test Results: Five Ways to Heat a Tent

    If you want something very flexible, durable and thick enough to have some insulating properties look into SCAT tubing. It's pricey but would last a lifetime. Darrell
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    Dumbest thread on EP? "New Defender Rage/Hate Thread" ?

    ;) I'll split the difference with ya. 5th...... Darrell
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    Dumbest thread on EP? "New Defender Rage/Hate Thread" ?

    Infighting is one thing I just don't understand. It seems so many people can't have a civil discussion without personal attacks and name-calling. Did we all stop maturing at the second grade level and not learn to discuss issues without getting bent out of shape? It isn't just this forum but...
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    Need new tires

    I had BFG KO's in the past, they are tough but weren't quite right for the use of the truck I putt hem on. I have them on my work truck (F-150) and got them just before a snowstorm hit. I ended up driving around in the storm in 2wd as I didn't realize I had an issue with the 4wd. I was very...
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    1000 HP Maximus Gladiator to see limited release soon

    That's really disappointing to hear about the drive-train in the stock configuration. It looked like it could give us in N.A. a similar set-up to the 79 series Toyotas overseas. As long as it proved reliable. 30 mph in first gear with a manual tranny is street car gear not an off-roader by any...
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    7 Pin for charging + 4 pin for driving?

    Depending on your set-up, and how your truck is already wired, you may want to run the charge circuit through a relay on the truck side so you don't drain your truck battery when the ignition isn't on. Darrell
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    Refigerator/freezer question(s) poll (sort of)

    1. what size fridge you have? Engel MT45 14 yrs so far 2. Do you use it as a fridge or freezer or both (a combo model)? Fridge 3. how many people are you typically using it for? (Obviously a family of 4 is different than someone who travels alone or just as a couple) 1 4. how many days food you...
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    Aims Power PV120Case foldable solar panel

    I'm not one to spend too much time chasing the sun with the panel. I may try to set the panel in such a way to catch the most sun at the high point of the day that way it is roughly half way so in the morning and evening and I get the most power from the sun but that's about as far as I go. The...
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    Aims Power PV120Case foldable solar panel

    I have only had the chance to use it once so far. For 6 days while the truck sat at camp and all it had to do was keep the battery topped off running and Engel fridge. Due to the trees around camp there was little direct sunlight on the panel and some days were overcast at the best times for...
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    Gasoline vs. Propane appliances? Which is a better way to go?

    The Big Buddy Heater has tip over and low O2 shut-off and works fine. Even tho they state it may sht-off over 7k ft. Heck everywhere I go is well over 7k ft. They need to make a "Colorado" model. haha Darrell
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    Gasoline vs. Propane appliances? Which is a better way to go?

    FWIW I have used and still use several times each winter and summer propane BBQ's/ lantern/ heaters of different styles and stoves up over 11k ft and NEVER had an issue form 95 degF to 0 deg F . I have used propane to -25 degF and the only issue I ever had was the regulator was failing but once...
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    KickAss Portable 12v Compressor Fridge Freezers for Camping

    There is a market her it just isn't as big as in Aus. For one overlanding is relatively new, at least the term is. We just call it camping but it usually doesn't last a month at a time. Since the US doesn't have the vast open areas Aus does we are never really that far from ice. We can barely go...
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    Chairs for men of substantial dimensions?

    I'm 6'5" and 280 lbs. I have had a Coleman Max folding chair for a few years now. I think it is called the "Ultimate" now. It is a couple three inches taller than other, yet "regular" chairs of the same style. When folded it a longer and has more girth as well but I find it reasonably comfy and...
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    Ford Superduty Tremor "off road" 2020 F250/F350.

    I watched a comparison between the Tremor and Power Wagon and the Power Wagon still has it beat off road. Sure the Ford has better clearance but you can put bigger tires on the Dodge. The Dodge has a front locker, winch and disconnect-able sway-bars. All are far more useful off road than the...