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    Propane carry Horizontal ?

    I agree.....and here's what Amerigas recommends: but what do they know???!!! The main reason for not laying a vertical propane tank on its side is when the relief valve opens, liquid is expelled and is more dangerous than...
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    Pass-through really necessary?

    To me, a pass through is what makes an camper and vehicle integrated in addition to the more permanent nature of the mounting system. Not all pass throughs are created equal either. Some allow for effortless connection to the living area like in a converted van and others are just barely large...
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    Second Alternator Charging Lithium Battery Bank

    I'd be inclined to go the B2B route and not leave it to the BMS. B2Bs seem really useful for the Smart Alternators, particularly.
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    Second Alternator Charging Lithium Battery Bank

    I just looked up the LifeBlue website and they claim they are one of the only LiFePo batteries that don't need a DC-DC charger and don't require solar and converters set to a "Lithium" setting as they are a "true" drop in replacement...
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    Cooling for Lithium battery and chargers in tongue box?

    Move that bad boy to the interior where it will thrive all four seasons. Use the tongue box for other storage.
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    Best heater for extreme altitude

    Yeah, it seems like the Diesel heaters are worth considering if 1) you have a diesel vehicle or 2) you don't mind a stand alone fuel system. I'm not comfortable tying into a gasoline tank as they always tend to be small so you need every drop of range and it's easy to find yourself with low...
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    Best heater for extreme altitude

    I had a truck camper that was built with a propane Truma Combi heater / hotwater heater with Utah and Colorado in mind. I live at 6600 ft and camp mostly above 9500. Propane, while less dense that diesel putting out less BTUs, does not have the problem of coking up like diesel and gasoline...
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    Mounting a composite camper box on 4x4 E350 chassis

    I'm sure there are other systems that work well, but to have it explained, demonstrated, and backed by 30+ years of experience it hard not to consider it the best solution. The next question becomes if my application is smaller in scale (lighter box / lighter vehicle) is there another method...
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    Mounting a composite camper box on 4x4 E350 chassis

    Some may find this info interesting and informative from Unicat. While Unicat is dealing with heavier loads and larger vehicles, many of the objectives and principles apply: starts at 1:15 Note: The subframe is integrated into the bottom...
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    Mounting a composite camper box on 4x4 E350 chassis

    With out experience to the contrary, this seems to make the most sense. I'm assuming the composite panels have little to no give which is different than a van body or truck camper to some degree. Being able to mostly isolate the box and using isolating body mounts along with good suspension...
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    Mounting a composite camper box on 4x4 E350 chassis

    The F series definitely has its merits for sure, and I actually have another thread on the comparison of the F 350 vs the E350 for this use case. The reason I think the E350 CG may be better than the F350 is with all the builds I've seen of these type of boxes on the F350 they either a slide...
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    Mounting a composite camper box on 4x4 E350 chassis

    I get the appeal of the F series, but with the E350 you get a shorter wheelbase, shorter overall length and some of the 4wd conversions reduce the the turning radius compared to stock for a big improvement over the F series. The E350 Chassis version comes with a 40 gallon tank and has a...
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    First Season of Camping in our Overland Expedition Vehicles Summit

    Seems like OEV would provide the make of tank they designed it for? Maybe it's just to tie down some firewood:)
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    Switching from Ford E-Series to FC/cabover (like Sportsmobile to Earthcruiser 4x4)?

    Another interesting thing with the 7.3L v8 on the e350s is there is a performance version that's standard and an economy version which is an option. The economy version has 50 less HP (300HP) and a little less high end torque (425lb-ft), in favor of better gas mileage presumably (can't find...
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    Off road driving training, OR or WA?

    You might try a trip to the Moab area. Bill Burke, Barlow, and 7P all appear reputable and I believe you can set up some individual experiences. My wife and I are interested in something similar as you. Until you find someone, check out Rober Pepper's youtube channel. He's a very thorough...