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    Currently traveling around the world in a Piper Malibu Mirage aircraft

    Awesome. Big fan of the idea. How are you liking the mirage? I can't afford one (I fly on Uncle Sugar's dime), but my life's goal is to own a plane and use it to see North America. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    4Runner or GX470?

    I was recently in the market: either is a great vehicle. I ended up with a 4.7 Sport 4wd just because that's what I came across first at a reasonable price. The GX doesn't have a back window that rolls down. It rode slightly more plush and had better seats. GXs only come with the v8, so you...
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    How do you carry your fly rods?

    Large diameter pvc pipe. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    The GeoTaco - 2003 Tacoma DC 4x4

    I miss my first gen Taco. It really was the little engine that could. The 2014 was a terrible replacement. Good luck with the build...enjoy that truck!
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    The Military has its advantages. Texas to Anchorage and everything in between

    Good trip. I've got a PCS to hawaii coming up. The wife and I are planning an epic road trip from FL to CA the very long way; not sure when we will be back inconus. This is inspiring me to get out the nat geo wall map and start putting push pins in it.
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    Kayak Brands

    I have a perception pescador 12 ( identical to a w/s tarpon 120). Stable, relatively fast, tracks well and it is easily portable by one average male, even more so if you get a portage dolly. I love mine. I actually like it so much on the ICW down here that I'm selling my bay boat.
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    Stock ride trail recommendations in CO

    Awesome, thanks for all the gouge gents. Will have to check these out.
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    Stock ride trail recommendations in CO

    I've got a 2014 Taco 4wd sport; I'd rather not dump a ton of money into something I'll probably have to unload when I PCS next fall, but I would like to take a trip out to Colorado and do some light overlanding/camping/general exploring sometime next spring or summer. Ouray, Silverton, and...
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    Going to look at a 2003 double cab Tacoma tomorrow

    Get underneath and take a look at the frame rails. They are great trucks, but Tacos are notorious for having rust issues with the frames. Play with the 4WD; echo the timing belt sticker should be on the engine if it's been changed, otherwise be very suspicious. It's not terribly expensive (4-500...
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    2005+ seat swap question

    First post, long time lurker. You guys inspire me to get out; I'm actually kicking around a walkabout to Utah/colorado/wyoming/go west young man next summer for my 30th anniversary of being born. Long story short, I had an 04 Tacoma TRD OR DC that I loved, and I totaled it back in the winter...