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    out with the old in with the new

    Not just 10 years, but 10 years of 'solid use', congrats, (kind of like that T shirt you are wearing right now !) this shows how good your design and construction was. Steve & Bethany P.S. how many miles do you have so far? (or kilometres)
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    Single cab on crew cab frame?

    another thing to look into is to contact U haul directly, I went to them looking for just a box and found them extremely helpful in getting me a list of all of the old U haul boxes and trucks for sale at the pacific northwest U haul locations (where i live) from there, I traveled around...
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    Mitsu Fuso Camper examples

    that would be "Basinranger" or some spelling close to that.
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    Single cab on crew cab frame?

    I agree with what's been stated above, go with a cab & chassis, what would the swap out gain you, 3 feet of frame length ? that wont get you anywhere near the frame length for a 15' to 18' box . you could look around for a used tow/ flatbed truck, take the bed off, and off you go, plus as also...
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    DIY EarthRoamer Build Video

    Ahh Jack.. .... nice to see you're still around. I was hoping you hadn't lost your edge !
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    Dodge Ram 5500 motorhome

    I'll vouch for #6, - plan enough time. Bethany & I were up in Alaska from July until august 20th last year. The time of year was perfect, but I do wish we had like another 3 weeks to explore more. I would aim for at least 2 1/2 months, preferably three, enjoying the trip up and back as well...
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    building the Bullet XV

    the Liberty 331 is not intended for use with chemicals or flammable liquids, although they do make other pumps specifically for that. I don't know about the corrosion aspect, I couldn't find anything about that in the specs, but would still recommend airing it out after each use to preclude...
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    building the Bullet XV

    Hey Strangers Bethany & I are gearing up for a 5 week trip around Alaska, so one thing I wanted to have for this trip was the ability to refill the water tanks from rives & streams.. .. plus I'm about due to do something to the Bullet, it's been too long! I know there are several posts on here...
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    building the Bullet XV

    ATCws nope, I am still running the original 5500 springs. I thought about changing over to Kelderman early on as well, but decided not to for the reason of not wanting to have a potential bag failure. I was also proposed changing out to a 4500 leaf pac, but also chose not to do that as I just...
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    Source for older Uhaul van box corner parts?

    Those extrusions are proprietary, no one else will have them. Although Uhaul will sell you the parts, they are expensive new, really expensive. Your best bet is to either go to Uhaul & buy a used truck with a good box as I did, them remove the parts needed & sell or junk the rest, or more...
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    building the Bullet XV

    Nothing serious, just the 60,000 mile service plus a couple small electrical things. I did notice they parked the Bullet in the prime corner/intersection spot to draw attention. I just replaced the tires, so they only have about 4000 hard miles on them but they do seem to be wearing well &...
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    Dirt worthy wheel and tire options for heavier campers

    Yes, I too have read about some of the catastrophic failures of the Ricksons out there, (after I got mine) but I will say, I've had no problems whatsoever. you do have other options for single wheels, the tires seem to be the bigger question.
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    Dirt worthy wheel and tire options for heavier campers

    I weigh in at 14,500 lbs, running single rear wheels on a Sterling Bullet 5500 4x4 for the past 6 years I've been using Yokohama TY303 tires with pretty good luck, they got me 50,000 miles before needing to be replaced. they do ride a bit hard, but are...
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    My 550 build The "Ford Escape"

    That would be an old UHaul box maybe really old, as I've never seen one with aluminum on the exterior can you take a close up shot of the wall & insulation assembly, I wonder if it was original or done later. overall, the UHaul boxes are a great starting point, as they're made like an erector...
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    Our Box Truck RV Conversion

    If you'd like, you can PM me as I have pictures & CAD drawings that I drew of each of the parts in your box, I documented everything before I dismantled it, I even know all of the part's weights. But one concern, your floorboards are 10" wide aluminum planks going across the width, they are not...