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    Accuride 9308 Locking Slide "Unlocking" Mod

    I ordered the Accuride special part number. It comes with 1 locking slide and 1 non locking slide in a package. I used 3- 28" left locking pairs and 1- 26" right locking pair for a drawer set I did for someone.
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    JKU 37's

    So my Jeep is a 12 JKU Sahara on 2.5" lift and 37s. 4.88 gears. I like the look, but from a daily driver status or overland status, I regret it. And they are the 37x13.5r17 Cooper STT Pros. Milage went down pretty good as well. My brothers Jeep is a 12 JKU Rubicon on 3.5" lift and 4.10 gears...
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    Captain Texas Anvil JKU build

    My brothers 12 JKUR has their full 3.5" lift with Fox shocks. And that's the best riding Jeep I've been in. It's on 35" KO2 tires.
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    GMRS antenna recomendations

    This will blow the CB away. Much clearer, much more distance. I doubt you regret it. My family and group of friends switched to these from CB's. No regrets and no going back.
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    Fridge in DD JK

    We keep it back there more often than not. Might be on or off depending. But we don't get in a rush to empty it, just leave it on. We keep milk and cheese for the kids in it a lot. Nice just to have when grocery shopping even. Needing to make a stop with cold items is not a big deal. Love ours.
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    Pre-Order Your MXT275 Today!

    Does this radio have the speaker in the base or the Mic?
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    Will the new Superwinch EXP be worth the wait?

    My brother has a 12K EXP. And my dad has a 10K Zeon Platinum. Both are awesome. I have my pros and cons for each. Superwinch Pros: -Fast -Automatic engaging clutch -Wireless controls optional (not nearly convenient as Zeons) -We hardwired in cab winch controls using the existing controller...
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    Midland Radio | Mother's Day Sale | Save 20% Sitewide

    When is your new MXT275 going to be available?
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    New company Slickrock Gear has JK door pockets to replace the netting!

    Spam. Google it and you get the same guy posting the same thing on a bunch of forums
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    Organization and storage solutions.

    I have dual drawer slides underneath a shelf. And under the cooler one I have an extending table.
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    I built everything myself except the drawer slides. The drawer slides are KV 28" lock in/lock out slides. Rated for 500 lbs. in shop settings, 300 lbs. in automotive settings, and 150 lbs. when turned on their sides. I think the side rating is greatly exaggerated. The frame I mounted them too...
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    Another Special Offer From Midland for Expedition Portal Members

    My brother and I bought the 6db antenna. And then have a few buddies with the stock antennas. Impressed with both so far. A buddy and I were talking across our smaller town about 5 miles as the crow flies, a 27" NMO fixed antenna and a stock antenna. My buddy said he could hear me crystal...
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    What would you like to know? I don't have a build thread, but will try and answer any questions.
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    My drawer slides have been done for a while. Finally got the shelf finished. Really like this set up for a daily driver. Pretty flexible. Just need to get a divider between the shelf and back seat. The gas can is actually a cooler. Not hauling gas in the cab.
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    Interior rear rack for a JKU

    like the way you used it. But doesn't look like I can get one for mine. I have an LJ and doesn't look available for mine. Looks like a custom route for me.